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Typhoon (#none)(?-1931), Santa Barbara-based pleasure yacht of unknown specifications which wrecked at Santa Cruz Island in 1931. She was abandoned by her four-person crew at 3 A.M. on June 28, 1931. All made it to shore and were rescued the following day.

In the News~

July 21, 1910 [SBMP]: “The single-sticker Typhoon of San Pedro was in port over Tuesday night with a Los Angeles party leaving in the morning for Santa Cruz Island, going thence to Catalina. Captain R. L. McCrea of Los Angeles is in charge.”

June 29, 1931 [SBMP]: “Seas shred yacht off Santa Cruz. Four persons saved their lives when they jumped off their disabled yacht, Typhoon, as it was pounded to pieces on a reef off Platt's Harbor, Santa Cruz Island by a tremendous sea early yesterday morning. Out of gasoline, the jib sail torn to shreds and a 60 pound anchor almost useless against the tremendous swells, the boat was carried almost a mile down the rugged coastline of the island. The four occupants put on live preservers and leaped into the sea as the yacht struck the reef. On the boat were Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Learned of 607 East Pedregosa Street, J. E. Knowles of Montecito and Miss Elizabeth Bakewell of Mission Canyon. Learned owns the boat with two other men. It was insured. For more than 12 hours, the yacht battled the ocean. Waves, seemingly mountain high, broke over the boat, filled the cockpit with water, according to vivid descriptions of the storm given by members of the party. They were rescued by members of the crew of Major Max C. Fleischmann's Haida, after a 12 hour vigil from a cliff-bound stretch of beach... Nothing of the boat was saved.”