University of California Santa Cruz Island Reserve

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Dr. Carey Stanton and UCSB Chancellor Vernon Cheadle signing the 1966 agreement on
Santa Cruz Island
From Left to Right- Dr. Mildred Mathias (UCLA), Dr. Carey Stanton, Carol Valentine, Dr. Charles Hitch ( President of University of California)
Michael Glassow (standing center) with Dave Weide (left) and Don Weaver (right) at Fraser Point, 1966.

University of California Santa Cruz Island Reserve began on Santa Cruz Island with field geology courses held by the University of California at Santa Barbara during the summers of 1964 and 1965. Formal agreement was reached between Carey Stanton and the Santa Cruz Island Company and the University of California in 1966. A complex of buildings and trailers including laboratory facilities, bunk rooms, private rooms, and kitchen, located about a half mile west of the Main Ranch, accommodates researchers from around the world. In January 1973 a ten-year agreement with the Santa Cruz Island Company was signed, bringing the Channel Islands Field Station into the University‘s Natural Land and Water Reserve System as the Santa Cruz Island Reserve (SCIR).

Today the Santa Cruz Island Reserve is the largest of 32 reserves within the University of California’s Natural Land and Water Reserve System, now called the Natural Reserve System.

In the News~

September 8, 2017 [Santa Monica Outlook]: “Santa Monica College Geology Professor Lisa Collins was the recipient of the John F. Drescher Chair of Excellence in Earth Science grant. The three-year $15,000 grant will be used to "fund air quality monitoring devices to track how much particulate pollution is being produced" at three sites. The devices will be located at SMC, the USC Wrigley Institute for Environment Studies on Catalina Island and the UC Santa Barbara Field Station on Santa Cruz Island. "SMC students will make field trips to these sites, to collect and analyze data for two geology courses," foundation officials said.”