VAIL, Nathan Russell II “N. R.”

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Brothers Ed (left) & Nathan Russell "N.R.," (right) Vail. 1940
N.R. Vail & Nita Vail on the beach of Santa Rosa Island

VAIL, Nathan Russell II “N. R.” (1883-1943), oldest of seven children born to Walter and Margaret Vail. He married Nita Mills (1883-1951) and they had three children:

  • Margaret Louise Vail (1920-2010)
and twin boys
  • Nathan Russell “Russ” Vail (1921-2005)
  • Alexander Lennox Vail (1921-2000)

N.R. Vail took over management of Vail & Vickers in 1906 when his father, Walter, died. He managed affairs for Santa Rosa Island until his early death of a heart attack at age 59 on May 24, 1943. At that time, his youngest brother, Ed, took over island affairs.