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VANDERWINDT, Edward J. (c. 1930-1958), disappeared in a boating accident off Santa Catalina Island on May 4, 1958.

In the News~

May 5, 1958 [San Bernardino County Sun]: “Four men pitched out of wild running motorboat; two lost. Avalon — Two men were missing and presumed drowned yesterday after being tossed out of a wild-running outboard motorboat a mile off Catalina Island. A search by boat and helicopter failed to disclose any trace of the men, identified by the Coast Guard as Edward J. Vanderwindt, 28, and George S. Hudspeth, 28, both of Los Angeles. Two companions, Francis W. Crow, 38, of Anaheim, and Wayne Wood, 29, of Highland Park, managed to reach Avalon Harbor in safety. They reported that the four set out in a 16-foot outboard from Long Beach for Catalina Saturday afternoon for a weekend of skin diving and other water sports. Off Long Point, just north of Avalon, the boat went out of control when put into a turn and sped wildly in circles, pitching all four overboard. Crow and Wood said the boat kept on its circular course until it ran out of gasoline in about 30 minutes. They swam to the boat after it had stopped but had lost track of Hudspeth and Vanderwindt in the darkness, they said. The two survivors paddled the boat into Avalon, and reported to the Coast Guard, which sent a launch into the area immediately. A helicopter form the sheriff's aero squadron joined in the search in the morning. Both Vanderwindt and Hudspeth were married and the father of one child. Hudspeth's wife is expecting another child.”