VAN DUZEE, Edward Payson

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Edward Payson VanDuzee

VAN DUZEE, Edward Payson (1861-1940), New York born entomologist noted for his work on Hemiptera. He was a librarian at the Grosvenor Library of Buffalo, New York for 28 years before moving to Southern California in 1912 where he took a position with Scripps Institute in La Jolla. From 1914-1916 he was taught entomology at the University of California, Berkeley, and from 1916-1940 he was curator of the entomology collection at the California Academy of Sciences.

Van Duzee participated in the Academy’s Northern Channel Islands expedition of 1919. He collected more than 2000 specimens on these islands, some of them representing new species.

Van Duzee died on June 2, 1940 in Alameda, California at age 79.