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VROOMAN, Albert George “Bert” (1860-1942), born in Illinois, was an enthusiastic egg collector after the turn of the century. He lived in Santa Cruz California, and the ornithological journals of the first two decades of the 20th century contain a number of notes referring to eggs that Vrooman collected along the central California coast, including an extensive series of Peregrine Falcon eggs and a set of Clapper Rail eggs that significantly extended the known breeding range of that species. Another account hints at the lengths ‘eggers’ would go to bring in a set of interesting eggs. Using a dip net at the end of a fishing rod, Vrooman collected a clutch of Pine Siskin eggs from a nest 60 feet up in a pine tree and 18 feet out from the trunk.

Vrooman died on November 12, 1942 in Santa Cruz California. He was 82 years old.

Vrooman collected on:

  • Santa Cruz Island (1916) [March 16-29, 1916 with A. B. Howell and F. Truesdale]

Island Collections~
Santa Cruz Island A. G. Vrooman SBMNH March 25, 1916 SBMNH-24712 Aphelocoma insularis Eggs
Santa Cruz Island A. G. Vrooman SBMNH March 27, 1916 SBMNH-24717 Aphelocoma insularis Eggs
Santa Cruz Island A. G. Vrooman SBMNH March 29, 1916 SBMNH-24718 Aphelocoma insularis Eggs
Santa Cruz Island A. G. Vrooman SBMNH March 30, 1916 SBMNH-26140 Lanius ludovicianus Eggs

In the News~

March 15, 1916: “A. G. Vrooman left yesterday for Santa Barbara, where he has made arrangements with the Santa Barbara Museum of Comparative Oology to join an expedition for the purpose of collecting eggs of various birds and gathering scientific data. Mr. Vrooman expects to be gone about four months and will visit the Santa Cruz Islands and various points in the Sierras...”

April 24, 1916: “A. G. Vrooman has returned home from an egg-hunting expedition to Santa Cruz Island, for the Museum of Comparative Oology of Santa Barbara. The expedition was for the purpose of securing the eggs of Santa Cruz Island jay and the Santa Cruz Island shrike, these birds being found exclusively on the island and differing considerably from the mainland varieties. Mr. Vrooman expects to leave for Santa Barbara on May 1st and will join an expedition to Inyo county to be followed by a trip through the northern counties of the state.”