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Valencia (#) (-1933), 70-foot purse seiner burned at San Clemente Island on June 30, 1933. All ten aboard were rescued.

  • #54. Valencia, 1933, sunk off south end of San Clemente Island (F. L. Coffman 1001 Lost, Buried or Sunken Treasures, 1957)

In the News~

June 30, 1933 [Madera Tribune]: “Coast Guards save fishermen. San Pedro, June 30. — Ten San Pedro fishermen were rescued today by the Coast Guard cutter Bonham after their 70-foot seiner Valencia caught fire and sank off San Clemente Island, the local Coast Guard headquarters reported today. The seiner, skippered by Steve Vlatkovich, the owner, left San Pedro Thursday in search of blue fin tuna. The Coast Guard cutter was to bring the rescued fishermen here.”

June 30, 1933 [San Pedro News Pilot]: “Races to Beach. Aflame, and with clouds of black smoke streaming above her, theValencia raced the short distance to the beach and beat an unexpected explosion. She had been hauling nets when a gasoline line broke. The escaping fumes were ignited from the exhaust of the net donkey before it would be shut off and the craft almost immediately burst into flames. She lies in the surf two miles north of Pyramid Point, near the southeast extremity of the island.”

July 2, 1933 [San Bernardino Sun]: “Survivors of Fire on Vessel Rescued. San Pedro, July 1.—Ten fishermen, survivors of a fire which destroyed their 70-foot purse seiner, Valencia, were returned from San Clemente Island by a coast guard cutter. Capt. Steve Vlatkovich said a gasoline line on a donkey engine broke, starting a gasoline fire which spread quickly. The boat was beached and the men leaped overboard. One member of the crew was burned.”