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Vishnu (# ) (1905-1907+), vessel built in Santa Barbara by Captain Thomas Henry Merry and run by him until shortly before his death in 1907. The boat was sold to Charles Pitcher of Oxnard, from where she was stolen and apparently never recovered. The name Vishnu comes from the peace-loving deity of the Hindu Trinity. He is considered to be the sustainer of life with steadfast principles of order, righteousness and truth. When these values are under threat, Vishnu emerges to restore peace and order.

In the News~

February 17, 1905 [SBMP]: “New yacht for this channel. Captain Merry having craft built to accommodate proposed yacht club. Captain T. H. Merry of Hueneme is in Santa Barbara to see about the proposed new pleasure wharf to be built at Montecito, where the new yacht club will have its headquarters. Captain Merry is now having constructed by the Carse Company at San Pedro a fine powerboat with comfortable accommodations for twenty passengers on day trips. No expense for labor or materials will be spared to make her not only a first class boat fit to cope with any weather to be met with in the Santa Barbara Channel, but she is being built with special regard to the safety and comfort of her passengers. She will be sloop rigged, carrying 640 feet of canvas, so that in case of the engine failing, she will be able to sail to her destination. She will be fitted with standard engines of the latest pattern. For excursion purposes she will have no equal on this coast, and may also be used to ply between Montecito, the Country Club, and Santa Barbara. She is to be called the Vishnu, and is to be completed on April 15, when she will be launched and make her first trip to this port. Captain Merry is well known and has many friends in this city.”

May 11, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry will initiate his yacht in Santa Barbara waters with pleasure trip. Capt. T. H. Merry of Hueneme, who arrived in port Sunday with his new power yacht Vishnu, has had much experience in yachting on the Pacific coast, and has now had the Vishnu constructed under his own supervision by the Carse company of East San Pedro. She was made especially to suit the conditions met with in the channel and for the pleasure and safety of her passengers. The Vishnu has a 31-foot deck and 9-1/2-foot beam. She is equipped with the latest model of gasoline engines and carries 660 feet of canvas. She was examined by the United States examiners of hulls and boilers, who pronounced her the best boat of its size in service on the coast. She was completed last week, her builders' trial trip being held on Thursday. Captain Merry will give her a trial trip next Saturday, at which time he will have a number of his friends out for a sail in the channel. After that he will keep the boat here and will place it at the disposal of those who wish to make pleasure or fishing excursions to the islands. Vishnu is a name taken from the Hindoo language. The Hindoos worship many gods, the two leading deities being Brahma, the ruler of the universe, and Vishnu, the preserver and protector of mankind, the latter making an appropriate name for a staunch little yacht. Captain Merry will hereafter make Santa Barbara his home. He has retired from the practive of law, and will devote most of his time to following a sea-faring life, of which he is a great lover. He will sell his fine Hueneme home and secure a cottage in Santa Barbara, and will soon bring his family to this city.”

May 16, 1905 [OC]: “The party of young men, consisting of Lester DeWitt of this city, Charles and Homer Burt and Elmer Hames of Santa Paula, who went over to Santa Cruz Island, returned last week. They report a very good time and say that the yacht Vishnu and Captain Merry are strictly all right. They had little mishap, except that DeWitt fell out of the boat once and swallowed over a gallon of very salty water before the skiff could reach him. As he is a good swimmer, he was in no danger…”

May 19, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry’s launch Vishnu returned yesterday from a cruise among the islands with a party of Ventura and Santa Paula people. The excursionists disembarked here and took the train for home.”

May 19, 1905 [OC]: “A party of eight young men from Santa Paula and one or two from Oxnard departed for Santa Cruz Island last Sunday evening to be gone a week. They went out in the Vishnu, Captain Merry skipper.”

May 21, 1905 [SBMP]: “A party of twenty young people, many of them being employees of the Enterprise Laundry Company, will go on a fishing and sailing excursion to the islands today, making the trip in Captain Merry’s yacht, Vishnu.”

May 26, 1905 [OC]: “The party of young men, consisting of Lester DeWitt, Homer Burt and Elmer Hames of Santa Paula, who went over to Santa Cruz Island, returned last week. They report a very good time and say that the yacht Vishnu and Captain Merry are strictly all right… They are arranging to go again in the near future…”

June 20, 1905 [SBMP]: “Gem of island is Santa Cruz... Mr. Lowe was piloted to the various points of interest on the island of Santa Cruz by Captain Merry of the Vishnu, the trip across the channel being made last Saturday and the entire day of Sunday being given to the examination of the various points of greater interest...”

July, 1905 [SBMP]: “Excursions. Power yacht Vishnu. Captain T. H. Merry for hire for excursions from Santa Barbara to the islands and trolling in the channel. The Vishnu is a new safe and comfortable boat, built specially for Santa Barbara. For engagements apply to T. H. Merry. Post Office m10a10.”

July 11, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry’s yacht, Vishnu, took the Walker family and a party of friends from Hueneme yesterday to Dick’s Harbor on Santa Cruz where they will camp for a week or two. The Vishnu is expected in this port Wednesday.”

July 14, 1905 [OC]: “On Tuesday morning of this week Captain Merry took a distinguished load of passengers in his yacht Vishnu to Santa Cruz Island. The party consisted of Mr. And Mrs. T. E. Walker and their family, accompanied by Mr. And Mrs. Alvin Rice, the newly-wedded couple, who will make this their wedding trip. The whole shipload of passengers expects to be gone about two weeks, during which time they will thoroughly explore the island and enjoy themselves as only people who go to that island can when they are out for a good time.”

July 14, 1905 [LAT/SB]: “Captain Merry has just come in from the Channel Islands with his auxiliary yacht Vishnu, in which a bridal party has been cruising for several days. The party consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rice of Oxnard, who were married Monday, Miss Blanche Walker, and Miss Aleen Walker, the bride’s sisters, and Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Walker of Oxnard. The party had a delightful time at Santa Cruz Island.”

July 20, 1905 [SBMP]: “Mrs. C. F. Carrier and party of friends will visit Santa Cruz Island today, making the trip in Captain Merry’s Vishnu, returning in the afternoon.”

July 20, 1905 [SBMP]: “Miss Austin of Mission Canyon, who made the trip to Santa Cruz Island last week on the Vishnu with some friends, was so well pleased with the scenery and with the delights of the voyage that she has engaged the yacht for Saturday of the present week, and a small party will make the excursion with her.”

July 26, 1905 [LAT/SB]: “Captain Merry of the auxiliary yacht Vishnu, was getting his craft ready for a fishing party when she was boarded by three men. ‘Your boat is under our orders,’ said one of them. ‘No she isn’t,’ replied the captain. ‘I am just waiting for a party of fishermen. I can take you out tomorrow.’ ‘No you won’t. You will take us out right now, and stay as long as we desire,’ and the speaker displayed a badge on his coat that showed him to be a government official of the Immigration Department, and added that if the boat did not sail under his orders at once, the captain would be prosecuted. That was early last Saturday morning, and nothing was seen of the Vishnu or her crew until yesterday afternoon, when they sailed into port after having sailed and searched over 400 miles, night and day. Every nook and corner of Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and Anacapa islands were explored, every boat was overtaken and examined carefully and island fishermen were carefully questioned. Captain Merry’s unwelcome crew were Emil Engelike, John Canfield and T. J. Johnson of San Diego, all officers of the Federal Government on a warm trail after a Chinese smuggler…”

July 30, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Koch has returned from a three days trip to the islands where he went on business. He visits the T. E. Walker party, which is comfortably camped at Dick’s Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. They are preparing to break camp and will probably return to Hueneme tomorrow on board Vishnu.”

July 23, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry left in the yacht Vishnu yesterday afternoon with William Oothout and a party of Montecito people for a three days’ cruise around Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island.”

August 5, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry of the Vishnu returned from a trip to the islands and reports that he left the F. M. Whitney campers comfortably located at Friar’s Harbor and having a good time. They have a large and pretty camp pitched and will remain there two weeks.”

August 5, 1905 [LAT/OX]: “T. E. Walker and family have returned from a three weeks’ yachting trip to Santa Cruz Island.” » July 14, 1905 [LAT/SB].

August 10, 1905 [LAT]: “Captain Merry returned from the islands yesterday with his yacht Vishnu, bringing W. W. Burton and F. Underhill, who went over a few days ago with William Oothout and Dr. Sidebotham for pleasure and scientific research. The party located a comfortable camp on Santa Cruz, and is prepared to remain for several days, making a careful botanic study of the island vegetation and gathering other scientific data.”

August 13, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry will take a party of ladies and gentlemen to Santa Cruz, returning this evening in the Vishnu.”

August 15, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry came in Sunday night with his power yacht Vishnu from Camp Whitney at Friar’s Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. The Vishnu made the fastest trip of the season from that point, the passage requiring two hours and fifty-eight minutes, using both power and sail. Captain Merry has returned to the island with supplies for the campers who are having a royal good time...”

August 18, 1905 [SBMP]: “The auxiliary yacht Vishnu arrived in port yesterday afternoon with a party of campers who have spent two weeks at Friar’s Harbor. The run across the channel was made in four hours. The members of the party were F. M. Whitney, A. C. Greenwell, E. A. Diehl and wife, H. C. Booth and wife, and C. F. Ruiz, wife and daughter. The Vishnu was heavily leaded on the return trip, as she carried their complete camp equipment and the men who did the work and cooking for the party…”

August 22, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry took a party of 21 people to the islands on Sunday in his yacht Vishnu. They visited Chinese Harbor, Prisoners’ Harbor and Friar’s Harbor and had a very pleasant trip.”

September 7, 1905 [SBMP]: “The sailing schooner J. M. Colman lies beached on the southwest coast of San Miguel Island, about 60 miles from this city, and immediate efforts are being made for the schooner has been grounded on the rock of the island and it is believed that during that time she has been badly beaten by the waves. She went ashore in a fog, for two days the crew were unable to free her from the perilous position... Captain Merry’s Vishnu has been secured to make the trip. She will sail early this morning with the Colman’s officer... The Colman was carrying 800,000 feet of lumber to San Pedro...”

September 8, 1905 [SFCall]: “Santa Barbara, September 7. The sloop Vishnu was the first boat to leave this port for the relief of the schooner J. M. Colman, which is beached on the western coast of San Miguel Island, about forth-five miles out from this city. She left at 9 o’clock this morning in charge of Calud Cole and carrying W. G. Tibbetts, a mariner of the C. A. Hoper Company of San Francisco, which owns the wrecked schooner. Captain Vasquez, an old Spanish sailor, who is familiar with the islands, went on the trip as pilot. Captain Tibbetts stated that three boats were coming to the assistance of the Colman. The Chehalis, southbound from San Francisco, was intercepted by wire and sent to the wreck, and will probably be the first one to reach the ship. The steamer Savage and the tug Sea Witch are also on the way to San Miguel Island. Little hope is entertained by Captain Tibbetts of saving the ship, although he hopes to be able to get all the lumber off in a good condition.” Also September 8, 1905 [LAH].

September 10, 1905 [SBMP]: “The schooner Vishnu has returned from the wreck of the J. M. Colman on the west coast of San Miguel Island. She brought back first mate Frank Patterson, who went out to the wreck on a steamer from San Pedro. Engineer Claude Cole and Pilot Ramon Vasquez returned with the boat. Engineer Cole reports that the wrecked schooner is in pretty bad shape with her bottom gone and her hull wedged in between two rocks with her prow to the sea… The Vishnu did not arrive at the wreck on Thursday. She was obliged to lay over at a cove on the north side of San Miguel, but reached the Colman early the next morning…”

September 14, 1905 [SBMP]:Vishnu reached the Marshfield; intercepts vessel off San Miguel Island. Colman cargo probably lost...”

September 20, 1905 [SBMP]: “Sixty thousand feet of lumber transferred. Hull of ship not a total loss. Captain Merry returns with dispatches and tells of the progress being made to save the cargo and hull of the wrecked schooner J. M. Colman... His auxiliary yacht Vishnu that has made several trips to the Colman since she was wrecked three weeks ago was chartered... The seamen who have remained with the wreck for three weeks were much in need of provisions and supplies and were longing for news from the mainland. The Vishnu took back a large supply of provisions and a large bundle of newspapers for the men.”

September 30, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry has returned from the islands with H. R. Basford and party of Philadelphia who have been camping on Santa Cruz and cruising up and down the coast in the power yacht Vishnu for several days... The Vishnu returned just in time to avoid rough weather on the channel.”

November 3, 1905 [LAT]: “… Two days ago, Captain Merry, while crossing the channel in the Vishnu, collided with the dead body of a common whale that measured over fifty feet in length. It was surrounded by a number of sharks that were feasting off the blubber…”

October 31, 1905 [SBMP]: “Dead Whale. Captain Merry of the Vishnu reports the discovery in mid-channel Sunday of a dead whale measuring about forty feet in length. The whale had been dead apparently not more than two or three days and was lying on its side with one fin out of the water a distance of six or seven feet. The carcass was surrounded by hundreds of sharks. The Vishnu was within a few feet of the dead monster. As Captain Merry was due to connect with the Sunday steamer with his cargo of crawfish, he did not accept the suggestion of his men that he tow the whale to port.”

November 21, 1905 [SBMP]: “No word received from Captain Vasquez and crew of six men. The power launch Peerless, with its crew of six men, has not yet been heard from, and fears for the safety of the men who went with that little boat over a week ago to the wreck of the Colman on the west coast of San Miguel are growing graver as time slips by and the boat fails to return... The owners of the Peerless had made arrangements for the Vishnu to go over Sunday, but decided to give the absent boat one more day to return, and to have Captain Merry start for San Miguel yesterday. When a strong gale blew over the channel all day yesterday and the waters of the ocean were raised into high billows, this attempt to go to the rescue of the Peerless was again postponed. A trip across the channel under such circumstances would be perilous to a small boat. Captain Merry is ready to start on his trip, and as soon as the weather will permit, he will leave in all haste for San Miguel.”

November 22, 1905 [SBMP]: “Yacht Vishnu will leave today in an endeavor to locate the missing boat Peerless... The failure of the Peerless to return upon the stated time has caused considerable anxiety in the minds of those who are interested in the boat and her crew, and arrangements were made to have the Vishnu go to the rescue or aid of the men several days ago, but the rough weather in the channel postponed the trip until this morning... The trip of the Vishnu is, therefore, one of aid and inquiry, and is a wise move under the circumstances. The Vishnu will make all haste to return after locating Peerless, and may possibly bring that boat back with her if she has been disabled so that she cannot make the trip alone.”

November 23, 1905 [SBMP]:Peerless home from San Miguel. The launch Peerless has ventured from San Miguel after a twelve days’ trip, and with the long expected boat returned the six men who went over to the wreck of the schooner J. M. Colman. The power yacht Vishnu did not leave for the island yesterday, as the Peerless arrived before Captain Merry was ready to start...”

December 31, 1905 [SBMP]: “Thacher School party has novel vacation. Christmas week spent at the picturesque island resort... Captain Merry returned yesterday in his power launch Vishnu from Santa Cruz Island with a party of professors and students from the Thacher School of Nordhoff, who had been camping on the islands for a week. Members of the party report some very thrilling experiences on water and on land, but say that the holiday was one of the most interesting and enjoyable they had ever spent...”

January 1, 1906 [LAT/SB]: “Captain Merry returned yesterday in his power launch Vishnu from Santa Cruz Island, with a party of professors and students from the Thacher School of Nordhoff, who had been camping on the island for a week… They sailed from Ventura in the Vishnu on Tuesday morning and experienced a very rough voyage in crossing the channel against a strong wind. For twenty-three hours the sturdy little Vishnu breasted a storm that was the worst Captain Merry has ever seen in the channel for years, but arrived in Scorpion Harbor in safety…”

March 3, 1906 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry returned yesterday from a trip to San Miguel Island in his power yacht Vishnu. He left this city last Saturday, taking Captain Waters and ten sheep shearers to the island. The channel was very rough and it was necessary to stop over the first night at Valdez Harbor. The next night was spent in a harbor at Santa Rosa Island, Cuyler's Harbor on San Miguel being reached on Monday morning. The sheep were found to be in excellent condition.”

March 21, 1906 [SBMP]: “The Irene, Captain Eaton's launch, was towed into port last night by the Vishnu. Having her engine disabled, she managed to reach Ventura under sail.”

March 21, 1906 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Vishnu sailed yesterday for San Miguel Island and will return with Captain W. G. Waters and his sheep shearers, who have been on the island for several weeks clipping the annual wool crop.”

March 30, 1906 [SBMP]: “On Thursday morning H. B. Clark chartered the power launch Vishnu, and with Captain Merry made a trip to Santa Cruz Island...”

April 15, 1906 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Vishnu in charge of Captain Merry, came in from the islands yesterday where she has been for several days on a cruise.”

April 18, 1906 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Vishnu, Captain T. H. Merry, returned this week from a very enjoyable visit to Santa Cruz Island where three days were spent visiting several harbors and in hill climbing...”

April 19, 1906 [SBI]: “The auxiliary power launch Vishnu, Captain Merry, left this forenoon for San Miguel Island with Captain William G. Waters, one of the principal owners of the island, and a number of men, the latter to be engaged in rounding up the several thousands of head of sheep that are on the island and which will soon be clipped. The Vishnu also took a large quantity of supplies to be used on the island.”

April 21, 1906 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry has received orders from a Los Angeles man to have his boat, the Vishnu, in readiness for a trip...”

May 13, 1906 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry has returned from San Pedro where he had his power yacht Vishnu overhauled and repaired. He made a quick run up the coast in his boat and will take out a party of people for a sail in the channel today if the weather is favorable. Captain Merry was accompanied by Albert Stafford and George Culberson. They stopped over on the return trip at Redondo, Venice, Ocean Park and Santa Monica and report a very pleasant trip.”

May 17, 1906 [SBMP]: “Among the boats out yesterday were Gourley's sailboat Belvedere, the Potter launch Nina, Henry Short's launch Point Fermin, and Captain Merry's Vishnu.”

June 8, 1906 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Vishnu, Captain Merry, came into port yesterday noon having as passengers Professor Appleton of Chicago, and his two assistants, Homer C. Burt and H. S. Hedrick. These members are members of the Audubon Society and are enthusiastic ornithologists...”

June 15, 1906 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry returned yesterday in the launch Vishnu from the islands, reporting heavy sea.”

June 18, 1906 [OC]: “A party consisting of Homer Burt, Lester DeWitt… of this city returned last Friday from a visit to the islands off the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. It was a trip with two objects in view — pleasure and a knowledge of that most interesting of all Nature’s studies— birds… Said Homer Burt to a representative of the Courier: ‘We left Hueneme on the evening of June 2nd on the steam sailing launch Vishnu, Captain H. T. Merry…”

June 24, 1906 [SBMP]: “A party of a dozen left for Santa Cruz Island last night to spend a day in cruising about the island. They made the trip in Captain Merry’s sloop, Vishnu, and will be back this evening. They will visit the Painted Cave and will spread a picnic lunch at Valdez Harbor. Among those who will make the trip are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. Boarman, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carroll and others.”

July 4, 1906 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry will sail for Santa Cruz Island this morning in his sloop Vishnu.”

July 10, 1906 [SBMP]: “Henry Elizalde came over from Santa Cruz Island yesterday in Captain Merry's pleasure boat Vishnu, after supplies for the Whitney-Greenwell party, which is pleasantly located in Friar's Harbor. He left again for the island in the afternoon. Mr. Elizalde reports that the campers are having a fine time. They spend their time swimming, fishing with pole and line from shore and trolling from the Vishnu, in exploring the caves and coves of the island and making expeditions on the island.”

July 18, 1906 [SBMP]: “F. M. Whitney, Henry Elizalde and Arthur Greenwell have returned from Santa Cruz Island where they have been camping for two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Diehl, Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz and Miss Marjorie Ruiz. They report having very pleasant cruising and fishing off the shores of the island. They made frequent excursions on the channel in Captain Merry's launch Vishnu.

July 20, 1906 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry came in from Friar's Harbor yesterday in the launch Vishnu after supplies for the Diehl camping party, who are located at Santa Cruz Island.”

August 9, 1906 [SBMP]: “Ho! For the Islands. Fishing and Channel excursions. Power yacht Vishnu, Captain T. H. Merry. The Vishnu is a new safe seaworthy boat in charge of a competent navigator, carrying its passengers dry and comfortable. She was built especially for Santa Barbara waters. For arrangements call up Home Phone 1199, Captain Merry’s residence. 149 Kimberly Ave. near railway passenger station.”

January 9, 1907 [SBMP]: “Wind demoralizes shipping, driving many craft to beach. Power yacht Vishnu, Captain T. H. Merry well anchored. Still in harbor. ”

January 17, 1907 [SBWP]: “Boat owners will rebuild. New fleet will be in water soon. Valuable engines saved from wrecks. Since the heavy southeaster that cast so many of the smaller craft onto the beach, the waterfront has been the scene of much activity… The Peerless, the Vishnu and the Irene are about the only boats left that are fit for service. The Irene, belonging to Nidever and Eaton, was at the islands during the storm and this probably saved her from the fate that befell the other small craft. The Peerless and the Vishnu rode out the storm.”

January 17, 1907 [SBMP]: “Crawfish Camps Get Relief. Yacht Vishnu Successfully Lands Supplies. Reports from islands indicate much damage… Captain Merry of the Vishnu has just returned from a trip to Santa Cruz Island, and is telling a tale of destruction in the wake of the recent storm. The Vishnu carried provisions for the men of the crawfish camps on the south side of the island, who had been depending on the Anita, Captain Koch’s vessel which was sunk in the storm…”

January 18, 1907 [SBMP]: “Lying at anchor yesterday were the Santa Cruz, the Vishnu, the Peerless, the Irene, the Victoria, and the launch formerly belonging to the fisherman Maglio.”

January 20, 1907 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry of the power sloop Vishnu lost a skiff in the blow. He located it on the beach at Cranthurst. It was minus its oarlocks, and when the captain laid claim to the boat, the man who had found it refused to let him take it until he had paid him salvage. Captain Merry tried to make the man understand that he couldn’t claim salvage unless the boat had been recovered at sea, but the man was either dense or obdurate. Finally they walked down to the pleasure wharf where they met Captain Gourley, who was called into the controversy as arbiter. Captain Gourley made short work of the argument after having heard the facts. He first turned to the captain of the Vishnu and gravely advised him to hasten to town, organize a vigilance committee and proceed to hang the obdurate one. Then the latter, having the fear of God thus put into his heart, eschewed all claim to the skiff and pulled his freight for home.”

January 22, 1907 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Vishnu returned from Santa Cruz Island where a party of prominent eastern people were entertained for a day or two... Quava [Cueva] Valdez was inspected and various of the pretty harbors were visited. At Prisoners’ Harbor, the party occupied the ranch house, on the invitation of Mr. Caire. They were also invited by the company to visit the winery.”

February 19, 1907 [SBMP]: “…The Vishnu, Captain Merry, was also in from Santa Cruz, bringing mail from Forney’s Cove.”

February 26, 1907 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry took a party over to Santa Cruz Island in the yacht Vishnu Saturday night… The trip was very delightful, most of the interesting places on the north coast being visited.”

March 15, 1907 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry of the power yacht Vishnu returned yesterday from Santa Cruz Island, having taken over supplies for the company. Captain Merry reports that they have had an unusual rainfall this year at Santa Cruz, no less than four inches having fallen from the last storm. The streams on the island are very much swollen, and the roads are washed out from the ranch house down to the beach.”

April 20, 1907 [SBI]: “The Vishnu arrived from the islands last night with Captain Nidever, with two seals which were ordered by eastern parties for the zoo.”

May 1, 1907 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Vishnu, Captain T. H. Merry, is now in much demand. Judge Max C. Sloss, Henry Ehrlick, both of San Francisco, and Louis Hecht of Boston, enjoyed a pleasant outing on the Vishnu trolling for game up coast as far as More's Landing. Mr. E. Plenn, wife, child and nurse of Colorado, visitors at Miramar, enjoyed a pleasant sail on the Vishnu last Sunday, going down the coast as far as Rincon. Wednesday morning early the Vishnu takes A. Gratz and a party from Oxnard for a weeks’ outing at Santa Cruz Island.”

May 2, 1907 [SBI]: “Captain Merry returned from the islands this afternoon in the launch Vishnu, where he had taken a sightseeing party from Oxnard.”

May 5, 1907 [SBMP]: “Lone boat thief captured in mid-ocean… Yesterday morning about 9:30, two local fishermen known as Joe and Frank Maglio came to Captain Merry of the power yacht Vishnu with the statement that one of their fishing boats had been stolen from its moorings some time during the small hours… The fishermen asked Merry to give chase, and this he immediately agreed to do, taking Captain Henry Koch as the fourth man of the party… The lone boatman made no resistance when the Vishnu came along side, and sullenly boarded the yacht, where he was at once placed under arrest…”

May 17, 1907 [SBMP]: “Joseph Bertirotti, the owner of the boat stolen by a boy pirate on Saturday, swore to a complaint before justice Overman, acting police judge, charging the youth, who now gives his name as Floyd Mason, with grand larceny… Asked as to the cargo he was seen to jettison when pursued by the Vishnu, Mason declared the bundle he threw overboard was nothing but old clothes and some letters from his mother…”

June 1, 1907 [SBI]: “George S. Edwards, president of the Commercial Bank, headed a party of pleasure seekers on a trip to the Channel Islands on the schooner Vishnu this afternoon. They will be gone until tomorrow evening. Other members of the party are Dr. Richter of San Francisco, Clarence Day and John Edwards.”

June 4, 1907 [SBMP]: “A jolly island party... embarked Saturday afternoon on the power yacht Vishnu, bound for Lady's Harbor and Forney's Cove at the west end of Santa Cruz Island where fish was found in such great numbers the party soon tired of the sport. The Vishnu was headed for her home port of Santa Barbara where they landed at 6 P.M., declaring the whole trip the most enjoyable they have ever taken.”

August 3, 1907 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Vishnu, Captain T. H. Merry, returned to this port yesterday from Santa Rosa Island, bringing F. M. Berkey and over a ton of blue point shells, the small shells used in making portieres, and are found on sandy beaches of that island. Captain Merry reports very rough seas and much wind around Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands.”

October 12, 1907 [SBMP]: “Pirates go uncaught. Those bold, bad pirates that made off with a powerboat belonging to Charles Pitcher of Oxnard have so far eluded their pursuers… The Vishnu party returned after their fruitless chase on the high and heaving seas yesterday morning…”

October 12, 1907 [SBI]: “The powerboat Vishnu returned yesterday with Constable Storni and Charles Pitcher of Oxnard, who went to Santa Cruz Island in search of the Mexican fishermen who are supposed to be in possession of Pitcher’s power launch. The boat disappeared from the moorings off Oxnard last winter and a friend of Pitcher’s recently returned from Santa Cruz Island with the report that he had seen it on the crawfish beds. With a writ of replevin, the owner and Constable left on Thursday to recover the little craft, but did not succeed in locating it, though they circumnavigated the island. Pitcher will probably go again in a few days in search of his property.”

October 22, 1907 [SBMP]: “Active career is now ended. Death comes to Captain T. H. Merry. Deceased was one of the youngest California pioneers, a Yale Law graduate, a veteran of the Civil War... In 1867 Merry was inspector of the San Francisco customs house, afterwards practicing law in that city until 1885, when he migrated to Ventura County and lived there until about two years ago when he came to Santa Barbara, bought the property and bungalow in which he passed his last hours, and built the Vishnu. The Vishnu, by the way, was named after a victorious eight at Yale which Thomas Merry captained. The deceased was a native of New York and 67 years of age...”