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Vision, Truth Aquatics, Santa Barbara

Vision (#) (1985+), 88-foot commercial dive boat with a 46-foot beam built in Oxnard, California for Truth Aquatics of Santa Barbara, California. Vision carries a maximum of 46 people, and has 13 double bunks and 20 single bunks. There is open berthing with curtains, and a dressing room located in the bunk room; 3 heads and four showers. 1830 gallons of fresh water is carried, and there is a 600 GPD water maker. Vision is powered by two Detroit Diesel engines of 550 HP each. Cruising speed is 10 knots. Fuel capacity 2000 gallons; range 1100 nautical miles.

Vision is considered the flagship vessel of Truth Aquatics. It is the largest, fastest, and most spacious boat in the liveaboard fleet.

The following deaths have occurred off Vision: