WARD, Henry L.

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Henry L. Ward

WARD, Henry Levi (1863-1943), born in New York to Henry Augustus and Phoebe Ann (Howell) Ward. He was interested in natural history specimen collecting, and in 1886 participated in the Mexican government expedition in search of the West Indian seal.

Ward was hired as the Milwaukee Public Museum's fourth director from 1902-1020. Previously, the museum had focused solely on the natural sciences, but this was changed when Ward began the creation of a History Museum. To further this goal, Samuel A. Barrett, the recipient of the first doctorate in anthropology awarded by the University of California, was hired to head an anthropology-history department. Barrett later succeeded Ward and led the museum through the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Ward then became the Director of the Kent Scientific Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1922-1932 followed as Director of the Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1933-1941.

Ward married Elva Mary Selby on November 21, 1891:

  • Margaret Ward (1892- ) twin
  • Alice Greenleaf Ward (1892- ) twin
  • Marion Elizabeth Ward (1895- )
  • Henry S. Ward (1898- )

Ward died at age 80 in November 1943 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ward collected on:

  • Santa Rosa Island (1903)

Island Collections~
Santa Rosa Island H. L. Ward MPM September 19, 1903 MPM-1029 Urocyon littoralis Mammals
Santa Rosa Island H. L. Ward MPM November 18, 1903 MPM-1030 Vulpes littoralis Mammals