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WARD, Lewis Augustine (1850-1921) was born on January 19, 1850 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. He married Lillian A. Cowdrey (1854-1940) on August 21, 1873 in Greenwood, Illinois and they had four children:

  • Bertha Francis Ward (1875- )
  • Grace Greenwood Ward (1877-1950)
  • Eda Ward (1880- )
  • Leon Lewis Ward (1883-1957) (SS# 503-05-6816)

The Wards lived on San Miguel Island as caretakers for Captain Waters, and had been married 35 years when the 1910 United States census was taken. He is listed as a farmer.

Ward died in Long Beach on February 22, 1921. He was 71 years old. He is buried next to his wife in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, CA.

In the News~

June 9, 1910: “On the morning of the 9th, the wind having died down some, we left at 4 o'clock ’ for San Miguel Island. We arrived at Cuylers ’ harbor at 7:30 a. m. and met Mr. L. A. Ward who has charge of the Island. He proved to be a very hospitable gentleman and allowed us to camp in a warehouse on the beach. This added greatly to our bodily comfort as the heavy wind which blew during our entire stay would have made camping out decidedly unpleasant. We are also indebted to Mr. and Mrs. Ward for several bountiful dinners we enjoyed at the ranch-house as well as for many other courtesies extended us... We remained on San Miguel 14 days, being unable to leave as soon as we had planned on account of rough weather. ” [Willett, George. Summer Trip to Northern Santa Barbara Islands in Condor, September 1910 (p. 170-174)]

August 24, 1910 [SBMP]: “The Charm, Captain Henry Short, will leave Thursday for San Miguel Island with Mrs. Ward, wife of the foreman of the island ranch, who has been spending a few weeks here, the guest of Mrs. Ercanbreck and family. She also visited friends in San José.”