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WARD, James Rowland(1848-1912), British taxidermist and founder of the firm Rowland Ward Limited of Piccadilly, London. The company specialized in and was renowned for its taxidermy work on birds and big-game trophies, but it did other types of work as well. In creating many practical items from antlers, feathers, feet, skins, and tusks, the Rowland Ward company made fashionable items (sometimes known as Wardian furniture) from animal parts, such as zebra-hoof inkwells, antler furniture, and elephant-feet umbrella stands.

“...A few of the additions of especial interest or rarity to the collections on exhibition may be noted:—An adult male and an adult female of the California Elephant Seal. Macrorhinus angustirostris, from Guadalupe Island, were purchased of Rowland Ward. This species, if not extinct, is at least on the verge of extermination, and while its fate is regrettable, the Museum is fortunate in securing such admirable specimens of a distinctly American mammal. The male is mounted alert, with elevated head and inflated trunk, and is so far as known the only one in America. The female, which is noticeably small in comparison with the male, is shown in a listless attitude with the head low. A portion of the skeleton of one of these specimens was also obtained.” [Reports of the President and the Treasurer of Harvard College 1908-09. 7(10):262.

Isla Guadalupe Rowland Ward MCZ [1847? impossible] MCZ-57999 Mirounga angustirostris Mammals
Isla Guadalupe Rowland Ward MCZ [1847? impossible] MCZ-58000 Mirounga angustirostris Mammals
Isla Guadalupe Rowland Ward MCZ [1847? impossible] MCZ-BOM7951 Mirounga angustirostris Mammals