WATERS, Mirantha “Minnie”

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WATERS, Mirantha “Minnie” (d. 1890) was widowed in 1863 with an adopted daughter, Edith, when she met and married Captain William G. Waters in 1880. They were both from Massachussets and lived on Post Street in San Francisco. With $10,000 she gave to her husband, he purchased 1/2 interest in San Miguel Island in November 1887. For Minnie, she hoped the island was to be a climatic health cure for her tuberculosis. She stayed on the island for the first five months of 1888, keeping a daily diary and celebrating her 38th birthday. Minnie Waters’ diary ends June 27, 1888 in Santa Barbara. She never returned to San Miguel Island. Following a series of health cures in San Francisco, she died of consumption (tuberculosis) in Santa Barbara on January 17, 1890. Her adopted daughter, Edith, later sued Captain Waters for inheritance from her mother.

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» BURRITT, Edith Scott [Waters]