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Nathaniel West Santa Cruz Island

WEST, Nathaniel (1903-1940), famous American author and Hollywood scenarist of the 1930s (Miss Lonelyhearts; The Day of the Locust), who hunted wild boar on Santa Cruz Island with fellow author, William Faulkner in the 1930s. According to West’s biographer, West and Faulkner met in the early 1930s and became reacquainted in New York in 1936:

“Together they went hunting on Santa Cruz Island where after many generations the original Spanish pigs had developed into a fierce strain of wild boar. Crouching in the boars’ nests in the brush until the animals returned, then springing up to shoot only at the last moment, West and Faulkner bagged several 200 and 300-pound boars on one such trip.”

» Martin, Jay Nathaniel West. The Art of His Life Hayden Book Company, New York, 1970, p. 354-355.