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WESTON, Orin Stocker (1860-1926), son of Ben Weston’s older brother, Samuel C. Weston (1827-1894) and his wife, Julia. Orin S. Weston was heir of his bachelor uncle, Benjamin Stone Weston, for whom the Catalina Island cove is named. Orin and his wife Sarah Pratt Price (1861-1961) named their son, Benjamin Price Weston in honor of Orin’s uncle.

In the News~

July 15, 1886 [LAT]: “Wilmington. Orin Weston returned from his trip East last Tuesday, bringing with him his bride from Salem, Massachusetts. He was accorded a pleasant reception on Tuesday evening by Mrs. Laubersheimer, and received congratulations of his friends, who are glad to welcome him back under such pleasant auspices. He has a pleasant cottage already fitted up, and will commence housekeeping at once.”

June 23, 1904 [LAT]: “O. S. Weston of Los Angeles, with his family, arrived yesterday and is getting his camp on Clarissa Avenue [Santa Catalina Island] into commission for the summer.”