WHEELER, Clayton E.

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WHEELER, Clayton E. (c. 1885-1935)

In the News~

August 8, 1935 [TI/Avalon]: “Shot accidentlly with his own shotgun, Dr. Clayton E. Wheeler, aged 50, died Sunday on board his power cruiser Siesta enroute to Balboa. According to the reports, Dr. Wheeler and a party of friends left Avalon early Sunday morning for the mainland. Someone suggested shooting ‘clay pigeons’ from the stern of the vessel. After the gun practice Dr. Wheeler was returning the guns to the cabin when he stumbled and accidentally discharged a gun, and a large portion of the discharge entered his neck and head. Dr. E. B. Glass of Los Angeles, T. A. Bradbury and O. H. Engblom, were on board the Siesta, but the accident was so serious that they were unable to save the Doctor’s life. For several years Dr. Wheeler has been a regular visitor to Avalon and some ten years ago secured permission from the island company to select a number of Catalina goats for experimental purposes in endocrinology. At one time he planned to install a complete laboratory at Avalon for goat gland experimentation.”