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WHEELER, George Montague (1842-1902) Massachusetts-born lieutenant and commander of the United States Geographic Survey from 1871-1875. Joseph T. Rothrock, Henry W. Henshaw, and Oscar Loew visited Santa Cruz Island in 1875 as a part of this survey under his command. A small annual plant in the buckwheat family, Chorizanthe wheeleri, first collected by Rothrock, was named in his honor.

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In the News~

May 31, 1875 [SBDP]: “Personal. We had the pleasure of a call from Dr. J. T. Rothrock, of the regular army, and surgeon of the Wheeler expedition, who is here with a party, including H. W. Henshaw and Dr. Oscar Loew, also of the Wheeler expedition, to make some investigations of a scientific character, and to collect some specimens in Natural History on the Channel Islands.”

June 9, 1875 [SBDP]: “Wheeler Expedition. Members of this party, Dr. Rothrock, Mr. Loew and Mr. Henshaw, are making explorations along the coast, and more particularly in this vicinity, for specimens and obtaining scientific facts in regard to geology, ethnology and topography in general, for the Centennial. The party will visit Santa Rosa Island, and will for some time be engaged there in pursuit of their labors.”