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WHITLEY, James H. ( -1914)

In the News~

November 13, 1914 [TI/Avalon]: “Washed up at Descanso Bay by the tides, the body of an unknown man was found Sunday morning by a party on board a fishing launch. It is thought that the man’s initials are J. H. W., and that his home was in Los Angeles. The body was much decomposed, especially about the head and neck. Almost every tooth in the man’s head was capped with gold. The pockets of the clothing were full of rocks, and those who found the body believe that the man took his own life. On Saturday, November 3, a man answering the description of the deceased was seen in Avalon. He did not register at any local hotel… The body was taken in charge by Constable A. Sutemeier, who is awaiting instructions from relatives located at Grand Junction, Colorado.”