WHITNEY, Etta Marilla

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WHITNEY, Etta Marilla (1861-1950), born in Michigan and often misidentified as sister of Santa Catalina Island owner George Shatto. She is credited with the naming of Avalon. Etta Marilla Tichnor married Edwin J. Whitney in 1885 in Flint, Michigan. They had sons:

  • Walter Ticknor Whitney (1888-1977), professor of astronomy at Pomona College;
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles
  • Edwin Pascal Whitney (1896-1948)
Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles

Etta Whitney came to Los Angeles in the late 1880s with her husband, Edwin, to work with her brother-in-law, George Shatto, to develop Santa Catalina Island. Initially called Shatto City, she changed the name to Avalon.

Etta Marilla Whitney died on March 27, 1950. She is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles.