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WHITNEY, Frank M. (1862-1925) born in New York, he married Mary C. Storrs in Santa Barbara on April 9, 1883. In 1887 Whitney was one of the founding members of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club when the club was formally chartered. Whitney was elected Santa Barbara mayor in 1896, serving for two years. He was involved in insurance and real estate, and later served as a surveyor in Santa Barbara County. For more than twenty years (1886-1906+) he camped every summer on Santa Cruz Island. During the partition lawsuit, which divided Santa Cruz Island, Whitney worked with George W. McCumber and Frank F. Flournoy in surveying the island to create seven legal parcels. His wife, Mary Louise, died on April 27, 1920 at the age of 67.

Frank M. Whitney (1862-1925)
Second from right

In the News~

May 18, 1887 [SBMP]: “The charter members of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club met at General S. W. Bacus’ office yesterday to complete organization of the club by the adoption of by-laws, and the election of the following Board of Directors: A. L. Clark, S. W. Backus, L. C. Dreyfus, Walter N. Hawley, Wm. M. Eddy, A. E. Putnam and W. N. Cowles. A. L. Clark was elected president, F. M. Whitney vice-president, A. O. Perkins, secretary, and Charles A. Edwards, treasurer...”

September 29, 1891 [SBMP]: “The sloop Big Loafer, Captain Brownsill, returned from a trip to Santa Cruz Island on Sunday afternoon, thus disposing of various rumors of an accident on the boat. The trip over last Tuesday was a fair one, the heavy gale which blew along the shore not extending out into the channel. The party consisted of Mrs. Boynton, Miss Noble, Dr. Batchelder, Miss Randall, William Wyles, Frank M. Whitney, and Mr. And Mrs. W. G. Kinsell.”

July 29, 1893 [SBDI]: “This morning the Restless left with the following party: F. M. Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. Bentz, Mrs. Thomas Nixon, Miss Evangeline Nixon, Miss Young, Miss Green, Winfield R. Moore, Herman H. Eddy and others. The Restless will return Monday with some campers now at the island.”

August 12, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “F. M. Whitney, Mr. McKey and wife and the Misses Nixon have just returned on the sloop Restless from the islands.”

June 12, 1894 [SBDI]: “The schooner Santa Rosa came in yesterday from the island with T. R. More, F. M. Whitney and Mr. Braunhart on board. The work of appraising the property is not finished.”

July 22, 1895 [SBDI]: “Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Whitney and party, leaving yesterday in the Restless for the islands took with then a carrier pigeon belonging to M. W. Pierce. They intend turning the bird loose some time today, with a message telling of their arrival at Friar's Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, where they will camp for two weeks.”

May 22, 1896 [LAT/SB]: “…tramps were numerous down around the lumber yard, wharf and boulevard. Captain Larco had been subjected to petty thievery for a long time. Mayor Whitney was authorized to appoint a night watchman for that part of town, and also to appoint a special policeman for the boulevard on Sunday…”

June 26, 1896 [LAT/SB]: “Mayor Whitney says that unless the special commission to render an accounting of property on Santa Rosa Island belonging to the A. P. More estate should act at once, he cannot take part, as he is obliged to meet with the Board of Equalization next month.”

July 25, 1896 [SBDI]: “A camping party consisting of Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hall and family, Dr. C. C. Park, Major Booth and F. M. Whitney left yesterday for Santa Cruz Island where they will remain for about two weeks.”

June 15, 1897 [SBMP]: “W. C. Squier, acting attorney for Captain A. Larco, sent yesterday a letter of request, signed by Deputy Collector C. M. Bell to Messrs. Bowles and Phillips of San Francisco, inspectors of hulls and boilers, asking permission to carry forty passengers on the Lizzie Belle W, instead of twenty-five. All requirements of the law have been complied with and the boat will be inspected and will take the Whitney party of thirteen to the islands today.”

June 16, 1897 [LAT/SB]: “This morning Mayor Whitney and party started for Santa Cruz Island for a two weeks’ outing. Prof. W. A. Wilson of the high school faculty accompanied by his wife, mother and mother-in-law and Miss Bradley, will leave for a few weeks’ vacation at the island tomorrow.”

July 1, 1897 [SBMP]: “Mayor Whitney, Mr. Yarnell, Mr. McCuen and Mr. Biddle, who have spent the past week at Fry’s Harbor, Santa Cruz canyon, returned yesterday by the Lizzie Belle W. They report good fishing and a most pleasant trip, but were somewhat hampered in their designs by rough weather which prevented sailing.”

July 29, 1897 [SBMP]: “Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Whitney and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Doulton, Miss Nixon and Mr. Leslie Gregory leave today by the Lizzie Belle W for a camping trip to the island, expecting to be away for a couple of weeks.”

July 29, 1897 [SBDI]: “Mayor Whitney and party left for Santa Cruz Island today on a camping trip.”

July 13, 1899 [LAT/SB]: “Ex-mayor Frank M. Whitney returned yesterday afternoon from the Channel Islands, where a large party has camped for several weeks.”

July 31, 1899 [SBDI]: “Mr. Frank M. Whitney and family and a few friends will leave for the islands in the morning, where they will remain a few days on a camping trip.”

August 1, 1899 [SBMP]: “Ex-mayor Whitney and party leave this morning on the Restless for Frye’s Harbor, Santa Cruz Island. This makes Mr. Whitney’s second camping trip this summer.”

August 16, 1899 [SBDI]: “F. M. Whitney and party returned yesterday afternoon from the islands where they had been camping for the past week.”

July 11, 1900 [SBMP]: “Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Whitney will leave Friday with a party for Friar's Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, on their summer camping trip.”

July 14, 1900 [SBDI]: “Mr. F. M. Whitney and party left yesterday for a two weeks’ camping trip to the islands.”

July 19, 1900 [SBMP]: “The Ariel arrived last evening from Friar [Frys] Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, with good reports from the Whitney camp. Several fine albacore were caught by the Ariel in crossing the channel.”

July 20, 1900 [SBMP]: “The island beaches are more popular with campers every year. Several parties are camping there. Mr. Whitney has a tent village at Friar's Harbor...”

July 26, 1900 [SBDI]: “The schooner Restless will leave for Santa Cruz Island tomorrow and will return with the Whitney camping party.”

July 30, 1900 [SBDI]: “The Whitney camping party have returned from the islands.”

July 31, 1900 [LAT/SB]: “F. M. Whitney’s camping party returned today from a sojourn on San Miguel Island.”

June 12, 1901 [SBDI]: “Several camping parties will leave for Santa Cruz Island within the next two weeks. F. M. Whitney’s party will be one of the first to go.”

July 12, 1901 [SBDI]: “The schooner Restless arrived this afternoon from Lady’s Harbor, Santa Cruz Island. The Restless has been with the Whitney camping party and came after the mail and provisions. The party will return next Wednesday.”

June 23, 1901 [SBMP]: “The Whitney party expects to leave for Santa Cruz Island on Saturday. They have at their disposal the fine gasoline launch belonging to the Caire estate, in which the party will sail. Mr. Whitney will go with the camp outfit in the Restless, Captain Burtis. The members of the party are: Mr. And Mrs. Frank M. Whitney, the Misses Whitney, McCall, Keating, Spaulding and Rosamund Pierce, Dr. Spaulding, and Messrs. Charles Fernald, Eugene Sheffield and Runston.”

June 17, 1903 [SBMP]: “Captain Ogenio Larco will take ex-mayor Whitney and Col. Wiman to Santa Cruz Island tomorrow for a summer camp. Quite a number of other parties are being organized for outings to the islands this summer.”

July 4, 1903 [SBMP]: “F. M. Whitney, Miss Whitney, Miss Sweat, Harold Frank, and C. W. Day will constitute a party leaving for the islands for an extended camping trip next Tuesday. Dr. Thaw and party and R. Cameron Rogers and party will follow a few days later.”

June 24, 1904 [SBMP]: “The schooner Pride left yesterday afternoon for Santa Cruz Island with a cargo of supplies for Mr. Frank Whitney, who is planning to enjoy a few weeks outing at Friar's Harbor... ”

August 31, 1904 [SBMP]: “The power yacht Pride will make regular trips to and from Pelican Bay on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays of each week leaving here at 8:00 o'clock A.M. and leaving Pelican Bay on return trip at 3 o'clock P.M. Parties wishing to visit the beautiful islands may obtain all particulars and information by applying to F. M. Whitney, 717-1/2 State Street. The Pride is the only boat allowed to land parties anywhere on the island, and parties crossing the channel in other boats will be charged full price for landing or else not allowed to land at all. Allan G. Fraser, Lessee.”

August 5, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry of the Vishnu returned from a trip to the islands and reports that he left the F. M. Whitney campers comfortably located at Friar’s Harbor and having a good time. They have a large and pretty camp pitched and will remain there two weeks.”

August 15, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry came in Sunday night with his power yacht Vishnu from Camp Whitney at Friar’s Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. The Vishnu made the fastest trip of the season from that point, the passage requiring two hours and fifty-eight minutes, using both power and sail. Captain Merry has returned to the island with supplies for the campers who are having a royal good time. The party consists of F. M. Whitney, A. C. Greenwell, E. A. Diehl and wife, H. C. Booth and wife and L. F. Ruiz and wife and daughter Marjorie. The camp is at Friar’s Harbor and has been christened Camp Whitney.”

August 18, 1905 [SBMP]: “The auxiliary yacht Vishnu arrived in port yesterday afternoon with a party of campers who have spent two weeks at Friar’s Harbor. The run across the channel was made in four hours. The members of the party were F. M. Whitney, A. C. Greenwell, E. A. Diehl and wife, H. C. Booth and wife, and C. F. Ruiz, wife and daughter. The Vishnu was heavily leaded on the return trip, as she carried their complete camp equipment and the men who did the work and cooking for the party…”

July 4, 1906 [SBMP]: “Captain Merry will sail for Santa Cruz Island this morning in his sloop Vishnu with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Diehl, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Ruiz and family, Miss Mamie Trussell, Henry Elizalde and others, who will join F. M. Whitney and Arthur Greenwell at Friar's Harbor where they will camp for two weeks.”

July 10, 1906 [SBMP]: “Henry Elizalde came over from Santa Cruz Island yesterday in Captain Merry's pleasure boat Vishnu, after supplies for the Whitney-Greenwell party, which is pleasantly located in Friar's Harbor. He left again for the island in the afternoon. Mr. Elizalde reports that the campers are having a fine time. They spend their time swimming, fishing with pole and line from shore and trolling from the Vishnu, in exploring the caves and coves of the island and making expeditions on the island.”

July 17, 1906 [SBI]: “F. M. Whitney is back from Santa Cruz Island where he has been camping with Mr. and Mrs. Diehl, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Ruiz, Miss Marjorie Ruiz, Arthur Greenwell, Henry Elizalde and Ogenio Larco. The two last named returned with him. Mr. Whitney believes there are few places in the world that present greater attractions for recreation and a summer outing than does Santa Cruz. For twenty consecutive years he has never failed to make a visit to the island for a stay of a week or more, and sometimes has made two or three visits during the summer. ‘I have never seen the island look more beautiful that it does this year. While the hills are somewhat brown the heavy rains of this year have produced a great deal of vegetation and the coloring is superb. Then, too, the weather conditions during our stay this year have been simply ideal. It is slightly cooler than over here, and there have been no heavy winds. The party is encamped at Fry’s Harbor, and every member of it, I believe, has had a more delightful time than ever before; I certainly have. We had Captain Merry and his launch with us and spent the time in fishing, making trips around the island and various other restful ways. The rest of the party expect to return on Friday, but I believe I shall return the latter part of the month for another stay.’”

July 18, 1906 [SBMP]: “F. M. Whitney, Henry Elizalde and Arthur Greenwell have returned from Santa Cruz Island where they have been camping for two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Diehl, Mr. & Mrs. Ruiz and Miss Marjorie Ruiz. They report having very pleasant cruising and fishing off the shores of the island. They made frequent excursions on the channel in Captain Merry's launch Vishnu.”

July 24, 1906 [SBI]: “Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Diehl, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Ruiz, Miss Marjorie Ruiz and A. C. Greenwell, who have been camping on Santa Cruz Island since July 4, returned to the city yesterday afternoon in Captain Merry’s boat. F. M. Whitney, who was also one of the party, returned several days ago…”

August 8, 1907 [SBMP]: “The launch Vamoose, Captain George W. Gourley, returned to port yesterday from a two day’s cruise about the Channel Islands... On the first day, the party lunched at Dick’s Harbor, where M. C. Faulding and family and Miss Gladys Moley are camped, and dined with F. M. Whitney, Louis F. Ruiz and family at Fry’s Harbor... Cueva Valdez, where contractor Hazard and a party of ten are camped, was also visited...”

July 23, 1909 [SBI]: “F. M. Whitney and a party of friends will go to Santa Cruz Island next week for a stay of several days. The party will number about ten, but it is not yet certain who the other members will be. The arrangements are being made by Mr. Whitney.”

July 27, 1909 [SBI]: “F. M. Whitney will be making his twentieth annual trip to Santa Cruz Island, when tomorrow he leaves for Frye’s Harbor with a party of friends which will consist of the following: Mr. And Mrs. Henley C. Booth and son, Mr. And Mrs. E. A. Diehl and son, Mr. And Mrs. L. F. Ruiz, Miss Marjorie Ruiz and H. P. Post. The party will be absent two weeks. Mr. Whitney has secured the first permit of the year from the Caire estate to camp on the island. Because of so many depredations being committed, restrictions have been adopted by the management of the estate and a system of patrol prevails.”

August 11, 1909 [SBI]: “Frank Whitney and his party were to return home from Santa Cruz Island this morning, but they decided to remain another week and sent over for a supply of provisions.”

August 10, 1910 [SBI]: “Robert Cameron Rogers, F. M. Whitney and their families formed a camping party this morning for Fry’s Harbor on Captain Short’s boat, the Charm. The party sent their outfit over on the Charm Monday. They will do some trolling on the way over.”

August 24, 1910 [SBI]: “After coming over from the island and spending the day in Santa Barbara, Robert Cameron Rogers of this city and Cyril Lamb of Santa Ynez will return this morning to the Rogers' camp on Santa Cruz Island, where the party will stay until Monday, when they will return with Captain Short in the Charm. Frank M. Whitney, who has been visiting at the camp, returned home yesterday.”

July 14, 1911 [SBMP]: “Robert Cameron Rogers, Frank M. Whitney and others form the advance guard of a large party leaving today for Dix Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, where they will establish a camp. The trip will be made on the Charm.”

July 15, 1911 [SBMP]: “The launch returned last evening from Dick’s Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, where Frank M. Whitney, Robert Cameron Rogers and Stewart Wolcott were landed as the advance guard of a large camping party that will take possession of the pretty little harbor next week.”

February 24, 1914 [TI/Avalon]: “The large rainwater cisterns [on Santa Catalina Island] owned by Messrs. Edmundson, Neale, Goulding, Whitney and others, were filled to the brim.”

August 16, 1914 [SBMP]: “Mr. And Mrs. Frank M. Whitney have returned from their camp at Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island, where they spent ten days in happy enjoyment of the island charms. For years past this has been a prized feature in the Whitney summer program, and there are none who know better how to organize and conduct an island camp.”

April 28, 1920 [SBMP]: “Mary Louise Whitney, wife of Frank M. Whitney, dies yesterday after a prolonged illness at her home 1516 Chapala Street. Mrs. Whitney was born in Rochester, New York, but has been a well-known resident of Santa BArbara for the past 40 years. She was a member of the St. Cecilia Club, and was active in affairs of the Episcopal church up to the time when she became an invalid about four years ago. Services will be held on Thursday at Trinity church after which the body will be sent to Los Angeles for cremation.”

November 1, 1922 [SBMP]: “Santa Cruz Island will be partitioned and developed... Instructions to proceed immediately with the partition was received yesterday by Frank F. Flournoy, one of the referees, from the attorneys of the two heirs. The other referees are George W. McComber and Frank M. Whitney. The survey of the island is to be made under the direction of Mr. Flournoy, who said yesterday that the work would begin in the immediate future...”

November 11, 1922 [LAT]: “Santa Barbara. November 21. Court action holding up the partitioning of Santa Cruz Island has recalled the referees, F. F. Flournoy, G. W. McComber and F. M. Whitney, who were ready to start a year’s task of dividing the island into fourteen [seven] parts for the heirs of Justinian Caire under a Supreme Court order. Arthur J. Caire today filed a petition with the Superior Court asking that the referees be directed to first examine the island and report whether or not the property is so situated that partition can be made without great prejudice to the owners. If the report shows that the partition can be made without prejudice the petitioner, representing the Santa Cruz Island Company, asks that the referees be instructed in making such partition to set apart to the Santa Cruz Island Company eighty-six one-hundredths of the island. The contestants also have filed notice warning the referees to incur no expense in making surveys, charts, maps and classifications of the island, or surveys of water supply. This petition, which came just as the referees were sailing away to the island, will be argued next Monday in the Superior Court here.”

January 9, 1923 [SBMP]: “Santa Cruz Island case up again for new court ruling. The Santa Cruz Island subdivision case bobbed up again in the superior court yesterday when an amended motion for order of instructions to referees was made by the defendants in the case of Aglae S. Capuccio against Arthur J. Caire and others. The original motion asking that the court instruct the referees, F. F. Flournoy, F. M. Whitney, and George W. McComber, not to go to great expense and to take orders from none except the court itself in subdividing the island in accordance with a decree upheld by the Supreme Court, was to have been ruled on January 15. The amended motion filed yesterday was taken under advisement by the court.”

January 14, 1923 [SBMP]: “Santa Cruz Island case up for order to three referees. The postponed motion of Aglae S. Capuccio against Arthur J. Caire and others asking court instruction to the referees appointed to subdivide Santa Cruz Island will be heard in the superior court of Judge S. C. Crow tomorrow morning, according to the calendar. The Supreme Court recently upheld the order of Judge Crow authorizing a subdivision in favor of Mrs. Capuccio against the Caire interests who control five-sevenths of the stock of the defunct corporation. The motion for instruction to the referees, Frank F. Flournoy, F. M. Whitney and George W. McComber was made by the Caire trustees, and asks that expense of subdivision be curtailed. The motion was filed some time ago, the day before actual work was to start.”

December 12, 1925 [Los Angeles Record]: “Former Mayor is dead. Oakland—Frank M. Whitney, former mayor of Santa Barbara, is dead here today."