WHITTLEY, Thomas William

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WHITTLEY, Thomas William (1816-1870), sailor on an English gunboat which came around the horn to Mexico in the 1830s. Frank Whittley jumped ship and married a Mexican girl named Juanita Domingues (1819-1868). They moved from Ensenada to Santa Catalina Island in the early 1850s when their oldest son, Frank “Pancho” (1848-1902), was 6 years old. His brother-in-law, Johan Behn, was already living on the island. In 1855 Whittley brought Mexican Joe Presiado, his son’s age, to the island as a companion to his son Pancho.

Thomas William Whittley = Maria Juanita Gastelum Domingues

  • 1. Frank "Pancho" Whittley (1848-1902)

Whittley died not long after his wife’s death. Whittley Avenue at Avalon is named for his family.