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WILDER, Harry Edward (1864-1936), born in New Hampshire, he had moved to California by 1892.

Harry E. Wilder = [1898] Charlotte “Lottie” M. Thurber [no children]

May 1914 Cooper Ornithological Club:

  • Carlotta, Humboldt County. 1909

After their marriage, they lived in the Riverside/San Bernardino area where Wilder was a bee keeper, and by 1920 they had moved to Humboldt County. Wilder was a naturalist, taxidermist and trapper. His collection of over 350 birds and mammals went to the collections at Humboldt State University.

Wilder died at age 71 on April 10, 1936.

Island Collections~
Anacapa Island H. E. Wilder HSU June 24, 1894 HSU 5637 Haematopus bachmani Bird

In the News~

December 13, 1911 [Calexico Chronicle]: “Hunting mountain sheep. H. E. Wilder of Riverside and George Miller of Highlands have been in the Coachella Valley the last two weeks, collecting specimens for the State Museum at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. They are in quest of deer and mountain sheep, having permits to take two of the former and seven of the latter. Their camp is at the Green-Marshall ranch and their hunting ground is in the adjacent mountains. So far they have bagged one buck deer and three sheep. Mr. Miller is a hunter and guide of long experience, while Mr. Wilder is the taxidermist of the party. ”