WILSON, Charles A.

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WILSON, Charles A. (1841-1918)

In the News~

March 21, 1914 [LAH]: Avalon, March 21.—Catalina precinct, which covers all of Catalina Island except this city, has but one registered voter, Charles A. Wilson, Republican. It will cost the county $50 to permit him to vote. Avalon precinct has 350 voters.”

July 28, 1914 [SBMP]: “Los Angeles, July 27.—Charles A. Wilson, who lives at the Isthmus, Catalina Island, intends to vote at the approaching state primary election thereby making himself the most expensive elector in the state and perhaps in the United States, according to estimates made here today by election officials. Wilson is the only man in his precinct. The Isthmus is twelve miles from Avalon, the only one on the island. It may be reached by launch or stage. Three voters will be sent from Avalon to the Isthmus, and, with Wilson as a fourth, will constitute the election board. Wilson will then vote, and after he has done so the board will make up, certify and send in the return. The expense is estimated at about $100.”

August 6, 1914 [SBMP]: “This vote costs big money. There is one precinct that Captain John D. Fredericks, Republican candidate for governor, will carry unanimously. It is Catalina precinct and Charles A. Wilson is its only voter. He lives at the Isthmus where he located twenty-five years ago and, since Avalon was made a city of the sixth class, he has been out in the cold so far as voting is concerned. This year he insists upon casting a primary ballot for Captain Fredericks, and all the machinery of election procedure must be put in motion to secure this one ballot. It will cost the state about $100 to do it. Wilson will vote for Fredericks.”

February 5, 1918 [TI/Avalon]: “Charles A. Wilson, aged 76, who for thirty years was ‘Mayor of the Isthmus,’ passed away at his home Wednesday, and his remains were interred in the Avalon Cemetery on Sunday afternoon. Captain Wilson was a member of Company B, 38th Regiment of Iowa Infantry, and served with distinction in the Civil War… Captain Wilson was a member of the Soldiers’ Home at Sawtelle, but for the past six years he has been receiving furlough, which were renewed every ninety days.”