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WINDLE, Ernest (1879-1968), Oxford-educated lawyer who moved to Southern California in 1904. Windle worked in San Pedro as an auditor-accountant for the Bannings’ Wilmington Transportation Company before moving to Avalon in 1906 where he was employed by the Santa Catalina Island Company as the island’s auditor-accountant. The “Judge” as he was called, served as magistrate of the Santa Catalina Island Justice Court for fifty-one years. He owned a newsstand, and founded Avalon’s weekly newspaper, the Catalina Islander in 1932. Windle served as editor and publisher until 1952. During his tenure, Windle married more than 1000 couples on Santa Catalina Island and presided over some 14,000 cases. He lived at 374 Whittley Avenue in Avalon. Judge Windle died on February 12, 1968. He is buried in Avalon Cemetery next to his wife, Miriam Rushton Windle (1879-1959).

» Windle, Ernest Windle’s History of Santa Catalina Island (1931; 1940)

Son Johnny helped build casino; historian

In the News~

November 20, 1917 [TI/Avalon]: “Captain George Cornell started Wednesday morning on the good ship Cornell for a vacation trip to San Miguel Island, off Santa Barbara. He was accompanied by E. Windle and G. W. Gibson.”

April 2, [TI/Avalon]: “Mrs. E. Windle and daughter are spending the week in Los Angeles.”