WINES, Nerva N.

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WINES, Nerva N. (1825-1901), Farallon Islands lighthouse keeper, was born in Mattiuck, Suffolk County, New York. He was the first keeper, and he served from 1855–1859.

Farallon Island Lighthouse was lit for the first time on January 1, 1856 by Head Keeper Nerva N. Wines and Assistant John W. Wines, who, respectively were paid annual salaries of $1,000 and $650. The lighthouse was the sixth lighthouse to be activated on the West Coast. Jack the mule remained on the island for eighteen years to help carry oil and supplies up to the lighthouse.

Nerva N. Wines = [1858 N.Y.] Nancy Ann Mapes (1826-1900)

  • Benjamin Wines (c. 1859-)

Nerva Wines died July 14, 1901.

On November 11, 1859, Lighthouse Keeper Amos Clift, wrote of the former and first Lighthouse Keeper:

“ ... Before I came here this Egg Co. used to have things all their own way as the former Lt. Keeper was a very ignorant man and besides was a stockholder in the Co and as long as he received his dividend that was all he cared for and the Govt knew nothing of the actual state of affairs... ”

Amos Clift letter to his brother, written from South Farallon Island Pdficon small 2.gif