WISNER, Robert L.

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Doug Inman & R. L. Wisner, 1948
R. L. Wisner, 1953
R. L. Wisner & Jack Bradshaw dipnetting aboard the Spencer F. Baird during Transpac Expedition, 1953

WISNER, Robert Lester (1912-2005), oceanographer at Scripps who collected a few birds on Isla Guadalupe in 1958.

Wisner, who began work at Scripps in 1947 for Francis P. Shepard, soon returned to his earlier interest — fishes — as the Marine Life Research program grew. He turned to the large unstudied collection of the usually mesopelagic lanternfishes (family Myctophidae) gathered at Scripps chiefly with the Isaacs-Kidd midwater trawl. Among fishes, these twinkling, small creatures — one-half inch up to twelve inches long — are exceeded in numbers in the oceans probably only by the cyclothones, and their taxonomy is complex.

Wisner collected on:

Isla Guadalupe R. L. Wisner LACM April 28, 1958 LACM-88805 Puffinus opisthomelas Birds
Isla Guadalupe R. L. Wisner LACM April 28, 1958 LACM-88806 Puffinus opisthomelas Birds