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WITBECK, Marion Ainsworth (1922-2002) Stanford University classmate of Carey Stanton in the early 1940s. Witbeck and Stanton dated for more than 40 years, until Carey Stanton's death in 1987. Neither ever married. Carey Stanton proposed to the stunningly beautiful Marion three times; three times she turned him down. At the third refusal, he gave his word as a gentleman he would not ask her again, and he never did.

In 1978, Stanton purchased a home on South Madison Avenue in Pasadena for Witbeck. He gave her life tenancy. Upon his death, the property went to his Santa Cruz Island Foundation, and Marion continued to occupy the house until her death. Marion Witbeck outlived Carey Stanton by five years. Upon Witbeck's death, the property was sold.

Marion Witbeck was one of three children born to lawyer, Charles Strong Witbeck, and Ruth Ainsworth Witbeck (1887-1977)[SS#558-66-1254]:

  • Harriet Witbeck Pohlman (1917-2006)
  • Charles “Sonny” Ainsworth Witbeck (1920-1992)[SS#547-18-2497]
  • Marion Ainsworth Witbeck (1922-2004)[SS#563-26-8151]

Marion's younger brother, Sonny, and older sister, Harriet, both visited the island on numerous occasions.

Marion Witbeck, left
Marion Witbeck (l) with Bob Barker (b. 1923),
host of Truth or Consequences, 1959

In the News~

March 23, 1959 [The Age (Aust.)]: “These two Americans, Miss Marion Witbeck and Miss Mary Markham, arrived yesterday in Melbourne yesterday on a three-day search for On The Beach star, Gregory Peck. Their trip is a “consequence” of the American television programme, Truth or Consequences, which is produced by Miss Markham. In last Wednesday's show, Miss Witbeck, a freelance photographer, of Pasadena, California, could not answer satisfactorily the question: 'Why did the Scot take a bottle to bed?' (Answer: So he could sleep tight.) So she was set the task of finding Mr. Peck and getting his signature on a cheque for three dollars 98 cents, payable to both. Picture shows contestant Miss Witbeck (left) and producer Miss Markham with the cheque. Miss Witbeck has to produce the cheque — signed — at next Monday's show in Los Angeles. A film of the search which will take the girls through many parts of the city, will be part of the show. Truth or Consequences has a 25 million audience in America. The Victorian Promotion Committee is paying the girls' air fares and is their host for the visit.”