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WOLF, Carl Brandt (1905-1974)(SS#568-42-1305) was born in Michigan on March 22, 1905. He was graduated from Occidental College and received his PhD in botany at Stanford University. In 1930 Dr. Carl B. Wolf replaced Mr. Howell as Botanist at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden where he remained for fifteen years. Dr. Wolf had had practical experience in the nursery of Mr. Theodore Payne, and had studied for the doctorate under Professor L. R. Abrams of Stanford University. An active and keen botanist with great interest in horticultural as well as taxonomic problems, and with unusual ability to organize and systematize, Dr. Wolf not only furthered the development of Herbarium and Garden, but also did much in maintaining the records so necessary in a young scientific institution. In 1945 he became manager of the Sespe Land and Water Company which had been developed by his wife’s family. He died on February 10, 1974 and was survived by his wife, Dorothy; daughter Patricia Anne Heath; and four granddaughters.

Island Collections~

Santa Cruz Island

3/22/1932 UC plants

3/25,27/1932 SDNHM plants

9/20/1932 SDNHM plants

9/19,22/1932 RSA plants

Santa Catalina Island

5/9,10/1932 RSA plants

5/9,11/1932 SDNHM plants

5/12/1932 POM plants; NMNH; SBBG

5/12,14/1932 UC plants

In the News~

May 18, 1932 [TI/Avalon]: “Dr. C. B. Wolf, botanist, is here making a study of, and verifying Island plants.”