WOOLLEY, Margaret Vail

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Wave Wagner, Russ Vail, Margaret Vail Woolley and their mother Nita Vail playing cards 1930s
Al Vail, EK Smith, Charlie Smith, Russ Vail & Margaret Vail 1930s

WOOLLEY, Margaret Vail (1920-2010), granddaughter of Walter Lennox Vail and daughter of Nathan Russell “N.R.” II and Nita Mills Vail. Her twin brothers Nathan Russell (“Russ”) and Alexander Lennox (Al) were born the following year. Margaret married Boris Woolley (1916-1986), and they had four children:

Margaret Vail Woolley (1920-2010)
  • John Jefferson Woolley (1952-1999)
  • Louise Woolley (b. 1954)
  • Susan Margaret Woolley (b. 1959)
  • William "Will" Woolley (b. 1964)