WORES, Theodore

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WORES, Theodore (1858-1939), San Francisco-born California landscape artist with a long and successful career. Wores was also well-traveled, and achieved international acclaim. His studio burned in the San Francisco earthquake and fire of April 1906.

In the News~

August 12, 1906 [SBMP]: “Will paint island scenes. Among those in the party was Theodore Wores, a well-known artist of Los Angeles and San Francisco, who has located in this city, and is now at the Potter. This was Mr. Wores first trip across the channel, and he was much pleased by the beauty and attractiveness of Santa Cruz Island. The picturesqueness of the island views appealed to Mr. Wores, and before he returned to the city, he decided to camp there for several weeks for the purpose of putting some of them on canvas. Other members of the party were Herbert Earlscliff of Montecito and C.A. Wheeler, Ogenio Larco, George Culbertson, Arthur Greenwell of this city, and engineer K. Farrow of the Southern Pacific motor car.”