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WORK, Telford (1921-1995), graduate of Stanford University in 1945, Telford Work became a leading expert in the field of arbovirology and epidemiology of arthropod-transmitted diseases. He and his wife, Martine Jozan Work, visited Santa Cruz Island where they collected bird lice from nests on Buffalo and Ship rocks off Willows Harbor. Viruses that cause encephalitis were his specialty.

Telford Work Memorial Lecture, 1996

In the News~

April 4, 1949 [Key West Citizens]: “Sea Parrots, Sea Pigeons and Pelicans to be seen in Audubon Film tonight. The Pacific, like the Florida Coast, has its pelicans. The Audubon Screen Tour by Dr. Telford H. Work shown tonight at the High School Auditorium will give the audience an opportunity to see the antics of the brown pelicans in their largest Pacific Coast Colony on Anacapa Island...”