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WYMAN, Luther Everett (1869-1928) was the assistant curator of birds at the Los Angeles County Musem from 1920-1927. He was hired by Frank Daggett, museum director. Wyman visited Santa Cruz Island with F. L. Granville in 1912. Wyman was president of the Cooper Ornithological Club, Southern California Division, 1924. One of his great contributions to the museum was is extensive collection of gulls. He was memorialized in the naming of the subspecies of Western Gull, Larus occidentalis wymani.

Wyman died at age 58, and was survived by his widow, Alta Penfield Wyman.

Island Collections~

Santa Cruz Island

4/1912 WFVZ birds

Santa Barbara Island

1919 LACM birds

Santa Catalina Island

1918 LACM birds

1919 LACM birds