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Wayward (#223140) (1923-1965), 56-foot yacht, a vessel of 27 tons burned about two miles southeast of Santa Catalina Island on January 17, 1965.

In the News~

January 18, 1965 [Independent, Long Beach]: “Yacht Blows Up at Sea, 2 Men Escape. Two brothers escaped with minor injuries Sunday afternoon when their borrowed yacht exploded and sank about four miles east of Catalina Island. Wayne A. Beauchamp, 25, of San Marino and his brother, Elmo, 44, of 700 Henry Ford Blvd., were treated for cuts and burns following the sinking of the 56-foot yacht Wayward about 3 p.m. The yacht belonged to another brother, Henry, of Palm Springs.”

January 18, 1965 [Independent, Long Beach]: “Yacht explodes off Avalon. AVALON—an explosion in the motor compartment of a 56-foot yacht set the craft afire and it sank four miles east of Catalina Island Sunday, but the two brothers who borrowed the yacht escaped with minor injuries. Wayne A. Beauchamp, 25, San Marino, and Elmo Beauchamp, 44, Long Beach, were treated at Avalon Municipal Hospital for minor burns and cuts. The yacht Wayward belonged to their brother, Henry, of Palm Springs. The brothers aboard the yacht launched a small dinghy and were picked up by another boat, the Recess. The Wayward sank before a Coast Guard unit could reach the scene.”