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The Encyclopedia about all things California Channel Islands — keeping island history alive and bringing the dead to life. Readers are encouraged to contact ISLAPEDIA author, Marla Daily, with comments, edits and suggestions. marla@scifoundation.org.

About ISLAPEDIA                  [8,866 pages + 3,941 images ~ June 1, 2016]

ISLAPEDIA is a comprehensive California Channel Islands encyclopedia covering hundreds of topics and thousands of entries on all eight California Channel Islands: San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, San Nicolas, Santa Barbara, Santa Catalina and San Clemente Islands. ISLAPEDIA includes people, place names, ships and shipwrecks, island events and noteworthy topics. Rare 19th and early 20th century island references and unique unpublished manuscripts and diaries are found here. ISLAPEDIA was begun in 1973 by cultural anthropologist, Marla Daily, president of the Santa Cruz Island Foundation(1987-current). ISLAPEDIA is a continuing research work in progress—now in its 4th decade. Donate here

Read Unpublished Field Notes, Manuscripts & Island Diaries, here

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The California Channel Islands:

Northern California Offshore Islands:

Pacific Islands Off the Baja California, Mexico, Peninsula:


Dixey Wildes Thompson (1826-1903)
PEOPLE: ISLAPEDIA includes short biographies of over 1000 people whose lives intersected the California Channel Islands between 1850 and 1950 – those who would own them, those who would work them, those who would visit them with purpose.


Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Monument, SMI
PLACES: A broad ISLAPEDIA category which includes not only island geographic locations and place names, but also yacht clubs, social organi-
zations, and schools. Entries range from Abalone Point to the Yamada Commercial Company.


Cueva Valdez, Siwash
VESSELS: Over 450 vessels are included, from the 19th century otter-hunting schooner, Achilles, to Zingara, a 52-foot gasoline-powered schooner that burned off Anacapa Island in November 1931. More than 140 shipwrecks are listed by island, and cross-referenced alphabetically throughout ISLAPEDIA.

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