White Sea Bass

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White sea bass caught by C. H. Harding, 1904
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island
C. F. Holder Fishes of the Pacific Coast (1912)
White Sea Bass

White Sea Bass (Atractoscion nobilis) are relatively large fish resembling salmon. White Sea Bass reach three or four feet long and weigh forty or fifty pounds. They are the only California member of the croaker family to exceed 20 pounds in weight.

White Sea Bass arrive at the Channel Islands around April and remain through the summer. Sportfishermen fish White Sea Bass primarily with live bait in relatively shallow water, but they will also take a fast-trolled spoon, artificial squid or bone jig. Live squid appear to be the best bait for White Sea Bass, but large anchovies and medium-size sardines are also used. At times, large White Sea Bass will bite only on fairly large, live Pacific mackerel.

Record white sea bass at the Tuna Club, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island:

  • 1899 58 pounds Edward M Boggs
  • 1903 52 pounds William P. Adams
  • 1904 60 pounds C. H. Harding
  • 1905 36 pounds E. C. Wilson
  • 1906 34 pounds A. L. Beebe
  • 1907 53 pounds Mrs. E. H. Brewster
  • 1908 40 pounds S. A. Barron
  • 1908 40 pounds A. L. Beebe
  • 1909 46-3/4 pounds A. L. Beebe
  • 1909-1910 51-1/4 pounds J. W. Frey
  • 1910 44 pounds Benjamin Thaw
  • 1910-1911 38 pounds A. E. Eaton

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