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YBARRA, Augustine (1870-1892), crew member aboard Liberty who was lost overboard en route to San Miguel Island. He was the third of five children born to Manuel Ybarra (c. 1840-1898) and his Chumash wife, Maria de la Luz (1843-1896):

  • Amelia Andrea Ybarra (1865-1888)
  • Maria Manuela “Nellie” Ybarra [Guevara] (1868-1909)
  • Augustine Ybarra (1870-1891) drowned off Santa Rosa Island on June 5, 1891
  • Frank Ybarra (1872-1902) drowned off Santa Cruz Island on July 6, 1902
  • Carolina Ybarra (1874- )
  • Ricardo Ybarra (1878-1965)
  • Manuel Ulpiano Ybarra (1883- )

Two Ybarra sons, Augustine and Frank, were drowned in separate accidents a decade apart in the Santa Barbara channel.

In the News~

June 14, 1891 [SBMP]: “Lost Overboard. The sloop Liberty arrived last evening from San Miguel Island, and brought word of an accident which occurred on the outward trip. The sloop left Santa Barbara one June 3rd, with Captain and Miss Waters, Miss Brownsill and Miss Guild, who expected to spend some time on the island. The first two days out the wind was so light that the boat only worked as far up as El Capitan, where all went ashore. On Friday night, June 5th, they got an offshore wind and crossed the channel. The wind got stronger and stronger, and the sea was very rough. When they had almost reached the island, a sudden puff struck the sloop, and a big sea at the time swept over her, and one of the crew, an Indian named Augustine Iburria [Ybarra] was swept overboard. The sloop had lost headway and it was impossible to bring her about. An oar was thrown to the man which he caught, but that was the last seen of him, and he was in all probability drowned, although there is a bare possibility that he may have drifted down to the west end of Santa Rosa Island. The sloop had her mainsail split and was obliged to find shelter on the south side of Santa Rosa. They did not get to San Miguel until Saturday night. As the west point of Santa Rosa was passed some one was seen onshore waving a coat, but it was impossible to land, and it is believed that he was one of the Chinamen who live at that point.”

June 15, 1891 [SBI]: “Lost in the channel. Augustine Ybarra swept overboard from the sloop Liberty. Intelligence was brought yesterday by the sloop Liberty from the Island of San Miguel, of the probable drowning of an Indian named Augustine Ybarra, one of the crew of that vessel. The sloop left for the island on the 3d inst. with a party of excursionists, as was mentioned in our issue of that date. Light winds, and those dead ahead, prevented the vessel from making much progress, but on the 5th, a fair wind drove them across the channel. The wind increased, with heavy seas, one of which swept the sloop's decks carrying overboard the unfortunate Ybarra. An oar was thrown to him, which he caught, and there is a bare hope that with it he may have succeeded in reaching the island. The sloop was obliged to continue her course and sought shelter under the lee of Santa Rosa Island. On Saturday they reached San Miguel Island with no further accident than damage to some of her sails.”

June 18, 1891 [SBMP]: “The schooner Santa Rosa arrived from Santa Rosa Island yesterday morning, bringing over A. P. More, John More and family. Miss Alice Colt and Samuel Colt, who have been spending a couple of weeks on the island. Nothing was known on the island of the loss of a sailor from the sloop Liberty on June 15th, and he had not been washed ashore there. This disposed of the last chance of his safety and Ybarra was undoubtedly drowned.”