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YBARRA, Frank (1872-1902), the fourth of five children born to Manuel Ybarra (c. 1840-1898) and his Chumash wife, Maria de la Luz (c. 1840-1896):

  • Andrea (1865-1888)
  • Maria (b. 1868)
  • Augustine (1870-1892)
  • Frank (1872-1902)
  • Ricardo (b. 1878)

Two Ybarra sons, Augustine and Frank, were drowned in separate accidents a decade apart in the Santa Barbara channel.

In the News~

May 3, 1894 [SBDI]: “Frank Ybarra, a drunken Indian, was arrested on the beach yesterday afternoon.”

July 6, 1902 [LAT/SB]: “Frank Ybarra, an Indian sailor, intoxicated, was swept from the deck of the sloop Kingfisher and drowned Wednesday night, while on his way to Santa Rosa Island.”