YEAGAR, William

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YEAGAR, William A. ( -1902), card-playing gambler murdered on Santa Catalina Island in the Hotel Metropole on August 13, 1902.

Attorney Earl Rogers (18969-1922) is remembered for the defense in 1902 Santa Catalina Island murder case. In the early morning hours of August 13, 1902 at the Metropole Hotel, a colorful gambler and cardsharp named William A. Yeagar, known as "the Louisville Sport", was murdered during a card game. Alfred Boyd was one of three men in a room playing poker. Upon hearing the sound of gunshots, a bartender entered the room, and saw two men and the dead body of the third, bleeding over the Ace of Spades. Harry Johnson, the third man at the table, ran from the room yelling "He shot him, he shot him!" and handed Boyd's gun to the bartender. The first man on the scene and almost-witness bartender Jim Davin thought there was no question that Boyd was the killer. Boyd was charged with the murder, and Rogers won his acquittal after getting Johnson effectively to confess under masterful cross-examination.