Yates Cave, Anacapa Island

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Yates Cave [Frenchy's Cave], Anacapa Island, 1890
Yates Cave [Frenchy's Cave], Anacapa Island in Museum Talk Summer, 1951
Yates Cave, Anacapa Island, was renamed Frenchy's Cave after 1928

Yates Cave, Anacapa Island is located west of Frenchy's Cove on West Anacapa Island. It is the most spacious and second deepest of the 45 named caves found on Anacapa Island. It was originally described in 1890 by Santa Barbara naturalist, Lorenzo Yates. Some time after 1928, the cave's name was changed by popular use to Frenchy’s Cave, Anacapa Island. Raymond “Frenchy” LeDreau allegedly used the cave to store bootleg liquor during Prohibition.

  • 1951. Orr, Phil C. The Orca Goes Underground Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Museum Talk 26(2):13-19, Summer 1951
vessel Orca; Yates Cave, West Anacapa Island; Sponge Cave, Santa Cruz Island
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