ZHU, Jiajuang

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ZHU, Jiajuang (c. 1973-2011), Scuba diver who drowned at Santa Cruz Island off the dive boat, Conception.

In the News~

March 18, 2011 [VCS]: “A 38-year-old man drowned while SCUBA diving this weekend, authorities said today. Jiajuang, of San Francisco, was diving along the south side of the island Saturday morning when dive boat staff noticed that he was in distress, said Shasta Gainer, a deputy Ventura County medical examiner. The dive master of the boat Zhu was on, the Conception, called the U.S. Coast Guard about 8:30 A.M. Saturday to report that the diver had surfaced unconscious, said Petty Officer 3rd Class Cory Mendenhall, a spokesman for the Coast Guard in Los Angeles. The boat, which had left from Santa Barbara, was several hundred yards from the island at the time, officials said. The Coast Guard brought Zhu to its Channel Islands station, where he was pronounced dead by about 11:34 A,M. Saturday, Gainer said. After an autopsy on Sunday, the Ventura County Medical Examiners Office determined Zhu died from asphyxia by drowning and ruled his death an accident, Gainer said.”