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ZOGAUTT, F. B. ( - )

In the News~

January 25, 1876 [SBDN]: “In Sunday’s issue of the Daily News I find a slight mistake about the importation of a number of wild turkey’s from Illinois, by James Gamble, Superintendent of the Western Union Telegraph, and that said turkeys were to be placed on Santa Cruz Island. The facts are as follows: That the Santa Cruz Island Company imported one dozen wild turkeys, which were expressly caught expressly for that Company in Louisiana and shipped via Chicago and Overland Railroad to San Francisco, accompanied by a special messenger, all that long way, with an expense to the Company of about $400 gold. That seven out of twelve (five died on the journey) of that noble animal are today to be shipped on the schooner Star of Freedom to Santa Cruz Island, and that Mons. F. B. Zogautt, the superintendent of the Santa Cruz Island Company is in town to accompany that game to its place of destination with the view of acclimating the same on the Pacific slope.” R. Breitzman. Santa Barbara, January 24, 1876.