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ZULBERTI, Zulberto (1890-1978) [574-05-1292], born in Italy, he became a long-time caretaker for the Gherinis on the east end of Santa Cruz Island.

The 1940 census lists living on Santa Cruz Island:

In the News~

April 24, 1928 [LAT]: “Flyer held on island. Earl Ovington, Santa Barbara airman, returned to the mainland yesterday after spending three days marooned on Santa Cruz Island. Last Wednesday Ovington, dean of airmail flyers, carried the first mail ever delivered by airplane across the Santa Barbara Channel to the home of Ambrose Gherini on the eastern end of the island. On the way over he flew above the radio station at Fry’s Harbor and a message from there later told of his safe arrival. He also dropped a message on Santa Rosa Island. Soon after he landed in a canyon near Scorpion Harbor with a runway of 696 feet and ninety feet wide. Then the wind began to blow, as it often does on the island, and did not die down until yesterday morning. Then Ovington flew out of the canyon to Campo Grande field, where he took Z. Zulberti, superintendent of the island, as a passenger and returned to the mainland in fourteen minutes.”

October 1, 1928 [SBMP]: “Four men battle fire on island. Big blaze destroys huge area. Fighter nearly loses his life then trapped. Sheep are killed… Report of the disastrous island fire were brought to Santa Barbara last night by Earle Ovington, who flew there about sundown Saturday and returned last evening. Z. Zulberti was the ranch employee that nearly lost his life in the blaze. He was found trapped in a small canyon by his companions just before he lost consciousness. Zulberti, superintendent of the ranch, led the employees in combating the blaze. The fire started on Pedro Point, the extreme east end of the island…”

October 3, 1928 [SBMP]: “Cattlemen blame campers for fire. Rains expected to repair loss of pasturage… Superintendent Z. Zulberti of the eastward ranch, owned by Ambrose Gherini, has reported that a thorough inspection of the burned area has been made, and that there was no loss of sheep as had first been reported…”