1888 Unidentified body

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1888 Santa Cruz Island unidentified body

In the News~

April 23, 1888 [SBMP]: “The party of young men that went over to Santa Cruz Island last week returned today. They report finding the body of a man who had evidently been washed ashore.”

April 24, 1888 [SBMP]: “A party consisting of Alex More, George Hall, Charles Hall, John B. Ward and J. Delaney, who have been over to Santa Cruz Island on a short visit, returned in the sloop Brisk last Sunday. Mr. Delaney reports that while prospecting about on the island, they found the remains of a man about half a mile from Lady Harbor. The body had evidently been in the water for some time and could not possibly have been recognized by any body who might know the unfortunate man. The party buried the remains on the island near the spot where they were found.”