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Ilmen (fl. 1815)

  • 1815. "In 1815 Baranov sent out the brig Ilmen with a party of Aleuts under Tarakanov, and trading goods with the prikaschick Nikiforov. The captain of the ship was an American named Vosdwit [Wosdwith (Bancroft) or Wadsworth (Okun). The chief commissioner was also an American, Dr. [John] Eliot. The party obtained and sent to Sitka 322 prime sea otters, 50 yearlings and 20 cubs. Eliot cleared 10,000 piastres in cash. He continued to smuggle along the coast and was eventually apprehended by the Spaniards, who also took a number of Russians and many Aleuts. Because of strong tides, the Ilmen could not go directly to Sitka, and so returned to the Sandwich Islands, reaching there May 2, 1816; there the ship was under the jurisdiction of Dr. [Georg Anton; in Russian, Egor Antonovich] Scheffer, whom Baranov had appointed to the post of administrator of the Islands." (p. 8)
  • [Khlebnikov, Kyrill T.] Dmytryshyn, Basil (translator & notes). Colonial Russian America. Kyrill T. Khlebnikov's Reports, 1817-1832.] Portland: Oregon Historical Society, (1976). Wraps.
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