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Kutuzov (fl. 1817-1821), Russian vessel from St. Petersburg engaged in trade goods from California.

“1817. In the month of November the ship Kutuzov docked at Sitka under the command of Captain-Lieutenant L. A. Hagemeister. The cargo which the ship carried was to have then been placed at Baranov's disposal, but the advanced age of this esteemed individual had weakened his health and impaired his mental faculties. There was no competent person to assist him, and therefore Hagemeister was forced to replace him in order to obviate further mismanagement... ” (p. 14)

“Captain Hagemeister, commanding the ship Kutuzov, stopped at Fort Ross in September, 1817, en route to Sitka... (p. 60) ”

“It has been previously noted that during the first years of our [Russian] relations with this region [California] we were the only foreigners who were able to sell goods openly, and therefore we had great advantage. Americans and English smuggled goods along the entire coast of the Spanish possessions in America. In 1817 the ship Kutuzov unloaded goods in San Francisco which by St. Petersburg prices were valued at 3,706 rubles 80 kopecks. In Spanish prices this came to 2,641.50 piastres. Considering one piastre to be worth five rubles 35 kopecs, this equals 14,132 ribles 80 kopecks. Consequently the profit was 254%. In 1818 the ship Kutuzov unloaded goods in Monterey which were valued by Sitka prices at 36,719 rubles 40 kopecs. For these goods they received 17,221.50 piastres. Again, considering that one piastre is worth five rubles 35 kopecks, this means 92,735.52 rubles, or a 150% profit... ”

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