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Lingcod, California Channel Islands
Rockfish, California Channel Islands
Bags of Rockfish, California Channel Islands

Rockfish (Sebastes sp.) are sought by both recreational and commercial fishermen. They range from the intertidal zone to 9,800 feet deep. There are over 100 species of Rockfish, with 56 of them common in the Southern California fishing grounds. These include:

  • Blue Rockfish
  • Boccacio (salmon grouper)
  • Cabezon
  • Canary Rockfish
  • Chilipepper
  • Chucklehards
  • Cowcod
  • Lingcod
  • Olive Rockfish
  • Pacific Ocean Perch
  • Red Rockfish
  • Sculpin
  • Vermilion Rockfish
  • Widow Rockfish
  • Yellow Tail Rockfish

Within California three species are formally considered by the Federal Government to be over fished: lingcod, boccacio and Pacific ocean perch. They are considered bottom fish which in the past have been easy to catch on hook and line and are a good supply of meat.