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1890 San Miguel Island unidentified body

In the News~

July 30, 1890 [SBMP]: “An unknown body was found on San Miguel Island. Captain W. G. Waters and L. D. Hardy, sent word yesterday to Coroner Ruiz, from San Miguel Island, of the finding of the dead body of a man on the beach of the island last Sunday. He was five feet nine inches in height, had a rubber boot, with short leg, on the right foot but none on the left; a portion of black cloth pants was on the right leg. Only a small portion of dark brown hair was left on the head, the scalp being almost entirely gone. There were no marks on the body and it had the appearance of having been in the water a long time. The head and face were so much disfigured that no beard was visible. Mrs. Hardy was with her husband when the discovery was made. The body was not buried then and upon his return to the spot, it had washed out to sea.”