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Vamoose (# ) (1907-1913 or 1914?), Captain George Gourley’s gasoline boat built by Pard Mathewson at Santa Catalina Island.

In the News~

May 30, 1907 [SBMP]: “Captain G. W. Gourley brought his new fishing and pleasure launch, the Vamoose, to port yesterday from Catalina where the vessel was recently launched from the Mathewson shipyards. Captain Gourley was accompanied on his trip by Lucien Higgins of this city… The Vamoose is to take the place of the Nina, the launch that was lost at her anchorage during the big storm in January. The new craft is a model of its kind and is built for the special purposes of the Santa Barbara channel, being especially adapted to trolling… The Vamoose is twenty-six feet overall, with an 8-foot beam. It has both the trim lines of the speedy yacht and the solidity of the tugboat. The engine is new, as is everything else in connection with the boat. A speed of between eight and nine knots is developed.”

June 14, 1907 [SBMP]: “Col. C. C. Hunt, Harlan Fairbanks and C. S. Bond were out in the channel yesterday on the Vamoose, but owing to the fact that whitecaps were rather more plentiful than strikes, the trip was hardly a success from a fishing standpoint. But all enjoyed the trip.”

June 15, 1907 [SBMP]: “Although a strenuous blow on the channel yesterday afternoon was not favorable for fishing, Stewart Edward White, Mrs. White and Samuel Hopkins Adams enjoyed hugely the experiences of a trip down the channel in Captain Gourley’s launch Vamoose, and the run back from off Rincon, in the face of a nor’east blow. Both of these celebrated authors and Mrs. White, as well, proved admirable sailors.”

June 24, 1907 [SBI]: “George Low, superintendent of the Southern Pacific grading camp, entertained a few of the engineers yesterday with a launch ride in Captain Gourley’s boat Vamoose…”

August 8, 1907 [SBMP]: “The launch Vamoose, Captain George W. Gourley, returned to port yesterday from a two day’s cruise about the Channel Islands...”

October 24, 1907 [SBI]: “The storm that visited Santa Barbara Tuesday drove the small craft of the channel out to sea… Captain Gourley at the pleasure wharf has shipped most of his boats to the deck of the wharf, and has anchored the Vamoose well off the wharf in deeper water…”

July 22, 1908 [SBMP]: “Mrs. M. V. Wheeler and her daughters have just returned from a four days’ cruise and camping trip to Santa Cruz Island with Captain George Gourley on the launch Vamoose. They camped at Lady’s Harbor and visited the Painted Cave, the various camps and all the other interesting points, returning yesterday afternoon.”

July 25, 1908 [SBMP]: “Captain George Gourley, and his power launch Vamoose, took the Garey party from the Potter Hotel, yesterday a-fishing on the channel, several barrels of rock cod being the result.”

September 24, 1908 [SBMP]: “Mr. Raymond, a guest of the Potter Hotel, was out on the channel Tuesday, trolling with Captain George Gourley in the launch Vamoose and returned with a catch of about 300 pounds.”

October 1, 1908 [SBMP]: “Charles Jennett and Mr. Raymond of the Potter Hotel were out on the channel yesterday with Captain George W. Gourley in the launch Vamoose and made a very good catch.”

October 8, 1908 [SBMP]: “Jack McLeod, David E. Jacobs of Ocean Park, and Casey Maher, who were out in the channel yesterday as the guests of Captain George W. Gourley in the launch Vamoose, made a splendid catch bringing in barracuda, yellowtail and bonita.”

November 17, 1908 [SBMP]: “George W. Gourley who, when not at the wheel of the good launch Vamoose, navigates a bicycle around town, bought a brand new Reading Standard wheel Saturday last. Sunday night he was led by the witchery of Professor Stout’s gospel song to visit the Christian church. He left his wheel just outside the door. When he left the church, the wheel was gone. The police are looking for it.”

March 20, 1909 [SBI]: “Captain George Gourley, in his launch Vamoose, left this morning with a party of guests from the Potter for a day’s fishing off Anacapa Island.”

April 10, 1909 [SBMP]: “Captain George Gourley took a launch party up the coast in the launch Vamoose yesterday, the party visiting the wrecked Ensign, which they found lying on the shore intact just as she was three weeks ago.”

May 11, 1909 [SBMP]: “For the purpose of securing a specimen of the almost extinct elephant seal either dead or alive for the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, an expedition has been cruising in the vicinity of Santa Cruz Island and other Channel Islands for the past week. The expedition left Santa Barbara nearly a week ago in Captain Gourley's gasoline boat and expects to return the latter part of the present week. Beside Captain Gourley, the party comprises of William Edward Lingard, a scientist of national reputation, and at present an attaché of the Smithsonian Institute; Miller, Auditor of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, and Owen H. O’Neil, a wealthy banana planter from Acapulco, Mexico and a well know naturalist and author. The party left in the powerboat Vamoose and were well provisioned for the trip. Side from camping outfit, they carried every manner of shotgun. Then too they were equipped with an elaborate net for the purpose of catching the elephant seal alive if possible. The net was made of extra heavy hemp rope closely woven, and treated with certain oil to toughen it. It is the kind that is used exclusively for the seal trade in the south sea. The party planned to organize a central camp on Santa Cruz Island and cruise about the other islands in search of the peculiar specimen. Several of the specimens have been seen in the vicinity of Gull Island.”

May 12, 1909 [SBMP]: “After a cruise of nearly a week exploring the islands of the channel group in quest of a sea elephant, a party of scientists returned last night to Santa Barbara in Captain Gourley's boat Vamoose. Though they were unsuccessful in their quest for a species of sea elephant, they gathered a large number of shells and biological specimens peculiar to the islands, and nowhere found on the mainland... They spent several days about Gull Island in the hope that a sea elephant might be sighted but to no avail… During low tide, members of the party secured some remarkable sea shells… Among the group were Edward Lingard, an attaché of the Smithsonian Institute; R. S. Miller, an official of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company; Owen H. O’Neil of Acapulco, Mexico, a banana planter and naturalist and Captain Gourley.”

July 22, 1909 [SBI]: “Colonel John K. Orr and daughter… took 15 minutes to pull the great fish aboard Captain Gourley’s launch, Vamoose, but the time was of no consequence when once the feat was accomplished…”

August 2, 1909 [SBI]: “Captain Gourley’s Vamoose was chartered by Mrs. J. F. Stearns and party of ladies and children who cruised down the coast to Miramar and had lunch. In the afternoon the captain entertained a party of local enthusiasts with rod and reel, resulting in a catch of nine albacore, the largest of which weighed 34 pounds, the weight of which nearly equals a tuna.”

August 7, 1909 [SBMP]: “A party will leave here this morning for the island on a camping trip in the launch Vamoose with Captain George Gourley. In the party will be Mr. and Mrs. George Voorhees and sons, Dr. and Mrs. John R. Poore of Montecito, Miss Park and Miss Spaulding.”

August 30, 1909 [SBI]: “Ed Diehl and H. C. Booth yesterday landed an albacore and a string of barracuda and horse mackerel. They spent the morning on the channel with Captain George Gourley in the Vamoose.”

September 22, 1909 [SBMP]: “A party of island campers including Dr. John Robinson Poore of Montecito and Mr. And Mrs. Eugene Sheffield and their little son, who have been spending the summer here, will leave on Thursday for Valdez Harbor. The camp equipment is very complete and the came will be quite luxurious. Captain George Gourley of the launch Vamoose has been engaged and will accompany the campers and take them out fishing and to various caves and points of interest on the island.”

October 5, 1909 [SBMP]: “An island camping party composed of Dr. and Mrs. John Robinson Poore and their family and Mr. And Mrs. Eugene Sheffield and their little son returned home yesterday after a most delightful stay of ten days at Valdez Harbor, Santa Cruz Island. They made the trip across the channel in the Gussie M and during their stay went on excursions about the island with Captain George Gourley in the Vamoose, who was engaged for the trip.”

November 2, 1909 [SBMP]: “George Bereife of Paris, who is spending a few days at the Potter, was afloat on the channel yesterday in the launch Vamoose with Captain George Gourley, entertaining a party of friends. In a very short time they caught 14 bonita using light tackle.”

December 28, 1909 [SBMP]: “C. S. Illig and Mrs. Illig of San Francisco, who are spending the holidays at Potter, entertained a number of friends yesterday afternoon with a very enjoyable yachting party. The launch Vamoose was chartered and several hours were spent cruising about the island.”

January 25, 1910 [SBI]: “The Outing magazine of New York, authority on sports and out-of-door life, is preparing to print an article on deep-sea boating and fishing off Southern California in mid-winter, for which illustrations in the shape of camera pictures are to be furnished by Captain George Gourley of the launch Vamoose…”

April 19, 1910 [SBI]: “With the distinction of being the first camping party to visit the islands this season, a jolly party of young society people returned last night after camping out in the open for two days at Prisoners’ Harbor on Santa Cruz Island. In the party were Miss Helen Campbell, Miss Beatrice Wetmore, Mr. And Mrs. J. Uarrn, James M. Warren and Sherman B. Stow… They left Santa Barbara Sunday morning in Captain George Gourley’s launch, the Vamoose, and returned last evening. While on the island the party slept in the open at Prisoners’ Harbor, without even the protection afforded by tents. A feature in the outing was a visit to the immense wine cellar on the ‘middle’ ranch.”

September 8, 1910 [SBMP]: “There is a marked improvement in the fishing in the channel. The Vamoose, out recently with a party of railroad men, returned with about 150 pounds of albacore and bonita, and reported the waters off Goleta swarming with sardines. There are now about 15 of the San Pedro fishing launches making their headquarters here. Their favorite fishing grounds are off Carpinteria and Rincon. They leave their anchorage here about sundown and return in the early morning with their catch.”

September 21, 1910 [SBI]: “Captain George Gourley had Henry Scullin of St. Louis out in his Vamoose Monday, when the visitor bagged a large number of bonita and yellowtail on a slim tackle.”

December 21, 1910 [SBMP]: “Among the guests at the Potter Hotel this week have been J. G. De Longuanil and C. Durand, Frenchmen whose homes are at Calgary, Alberta... They left yesterday for Los Alamos. While in Santa Barbara they were out two days on the channel with Captain Gourley on the Vamoose, and greatly enjoyed the sport of fishing with light tackle.”

December 23, 1910 [SBMP]: “The Vamoose, Captain Gourley, was on the channel yesterday with a party of Montecito people who enjoyed a day’s sport fishing and cruising.”

In 1910, Margaret Eaton recalled that George Gourley with a party aboard his Vamoose dropped anchor in the bay [Pelican] and brought his guests ashore. [Eaton 1980: 174].

July 24, 1912 [SBMP]: “Many parties camping on Santa Cruz and Anacapa during summer… Another party, recruited largely from the First National Bank at Los Angeles, has a fine camp at Lady’s Harbor. These people have engaged Captain Gourley’s Vamoose for a week, in order that they may cruise about the various islands and visit the Painted Cave and other natural wonders…”

July 28, 1912 [SBMP]: “The Los Angeles bankers who have been camping on Santa Cruz Island, returned here yesterday, and departed for their southern homes. They have been at Santa Cruz two weeks. The Charm, Captain Henry Short, took them across the channel, and during their last week in camp, the Vamoose, Captain G. W. Gourley, was continually at their service, taking them on cruises about the island.”

July 28, 1912 [SBMP]: “Visitors to Miramar and Santa Barbara have discovered the attraction of the channel. The powerboats Gussie M, Charm and Vamoose are having numerous engagements for cruises, either to the islands or around the bay…”

March 5, 1913 [SBMP]: “The whistling buoy, which marks the entrance to Santa Barbara harbor, is out of commission, and according to Captain G. W. Gourley of the launch Vamoose, is gradually sinking, having been punctured, it is presumed. This buoy, replacing the old one, was put in about three weeks ago by the lighthouse tender Sequoia. The lighthouse service has been notified.”

March 16, 1913 [SBMP]: “Henry Wiman of Omaha, who is wintering at San Ysidro, entertained a party of friends yesterday afternoon on Captain Gourley’s launch Vamoose. They enjoyed the sail and caught some fish.”

June 27, 1913 [SBDN]: “Earl Miller of Montecito is organizing an island camping party to take possession of one of the harbors of Santa Cruz Island for a couple of weeks immediately following the Fourth. Captain George Gourley will attend the campers with the Vamoose during their sojourn, to run between the island and the mainland with supplies as needed and take the members of the party out fishing and exploring the surrounding waters as the adventurers may desire.”

July 19, 1913 [SBMP]: “Captain George W. Gourley brought the largest single-handed catch of barracuda ever reported in Santa Barbara in Thursday night on his launch Vamoose. Gourley left the camp at Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Island, alone on his boat. He soon entered a big school of barracuda, and having four lines aboard, he cast them into the water, and between attending to his engine and steering wheel, and hauling in fish, he had a bust hour and three-quarters. In that time he landed 187 barracuda. The Vamoose was loaded to the gunwhales.”

December 6, 1913 [SBMP]: “The trolling and rod-and-reel winter fishing season was formally opened yesterday when Captain G. W. Gourley piloted C. E. Brain on the Vamoose over the channel’s best fishing grounds…”

December 9, 1913 [SBMP]: “Daniel Pennell, one of the Henry Miller Company, and ten other members of the troup, had the greatest sport of their whole lives Sunday, when they went for a cruise on the channel with Captain G. W. Gourley on the Vamoose…”

December 12, 1913 [SBMP]: “Heavy swell does mischief at front; vessels endangered. The highest ground swells in many months were running yesterday… The power yacht Otter would have smashed into the wharf near the passenger gangway but for the timely assistance rendered by Captain G. W. Gourley in his launch Vamoose. The Otter was anchored about 200 yards southwest of the wharf, but the heavy swell caused her to drag. Captain Gourley found that the anchor had fouled. He towed the Otter to the winter anchorage in the lee of the heavy kelp beds. Captain Vasquez, master of the Otter, was in Los Angeles at the time of the threatened catastrophe.”

February 3, 1914 [SBMP]: “Captain G. W. Gourley, whose launch Vamoose was lost during a southeast gale, states that he will build a new boat, although he has not decided on the plans.”