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Venture II (#) (-1950)

In the News~

August 19, 1950 [LBI]: “Overdue on Ocean Trip. Coastguardsmen halted temporarily last night a search for the converted landing craft Venture II, overdue on a trip from San Clemente Island to Long Beach. Aboard were two young men, not identified. The craft was reported to have left the island at 2 p.m. Wednesday. Mist hampered yesterday's search, the Coast Guard reported. The hunt will be renewed today.”

August 19, 1950 [LAT]: “Sea searched for Youths. U.S. Coast Guard cutters searched the fog-shrouded waters around San Clemente Island yesterday for a missing converted landing craft holding two youths and a cargo of abalones. The boat, Venture No. 2, left the island Wednesday with the load of abalone from fishing boats. Two youths, one from San Pedro and the other from Los Angeles, were reported in charge of the craft.”

August 20, 1950 [LBI]: “Hunt Pushed For 2 Boys on Craft at Sea. A two-day search for two boys believed aboard a drifting landing craft off Long Beach, was concluded unsuccessfully last night, the Coast Guard reported. The plane search will resume today. Missing are Charles "Chuck" Johnson, 18, of 1514 Lucretia, and Paul Paul Williams, 16, 1557 LaMoyne, both of Los Angeles. They are aboard the Venture II, a converted landing craft, and were carrying abalone from San Clemente Island to Long Beach. Because the boat was painted sand-color, and because of the mist, searchers have been unable to spot it. Coast Guard searchers said last night they now believe the boat has been caught in a seaward current and carried away from the shore.”

August 24, 1950 [LAT]: “Boat Wreckage Blasts Hope for Boys' Safety. Hope for the safety of Charles Johnson, 18, boat operator for the Veterans Fisheries, abalone harvesting company, and Paul Williams, 26, of 1557 Lemoyne St., who went along on an ill-fated trip "just for the ride," was abandoned yesterday when wreckage of the Venture II, the missing craft on which they left San Clemente Island a week ago, was identified. The two Los Angeles youths left San Clemente Island on August 16 on the 36-foot converted LCVP for Los Angeles Harbor with a load of 350 dozen abalones aboard. Their missing craft has been the object of one of the most widespread Coast Guard searches in recent Southland history since it was reported missing early August 17. Airplanes and surface craft combed the seas. Search was hampered by foggy weather. Yesterday the abalone boat Kathy arrived in port with a plywood cabin roof carrying a boat's running lights. Identification was made by Barney Clancey, manager of the Veterans Fisheries, who declared the cabin top and lights were from the missing boat Venture II. Identification, according to Lt. D. E. Dilcher, district Coast Guard operations officer in charge, was positive, as the starboard running light was an unusual type, similar to a truck side running light. Wreckage of the Venture II was discovered 27 miles west of San Diego and was believed to have drifted from 35 to 40 miles southward. Search of the area was made by the fishing boat Karen which found the wreckage and later turned it over to the Kathy to bring into Los Angeles Harbor for identification. Coast Guard officials reported the area had been searched a second time and no further action is contemplated.”