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Wharfingers of Santa Barbara

In the News~

July 30, 1881 [SBDP]: “Wharfinger Smith last evening received a letter from John P. Stearns dated at Seattle, Washington Territory. Mr. Stearns reports himself and family in good health and spirits.”

December 29, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “E. T. Gourley, who for sixteen years past has acted in the capacity of wharfinger here, and who has always been a most courteous and obliging official, has resigned his position and will be succeeded on January 1 by Byron Smith.”

August 22, 1913 [SBMP]: “The launch Charm, Captain Henry Short, with Charles Davis, who recently exposed the slaughter of seals on the Channel Islands, and S. E. Lewis, wharfinger at the Stearn’s company dock, will leave this week for a cruise of indefinite length about the channel.”